News: Butterfly for Hanna

by Roman aka jar


Hi Jungle,

are you looking for a wonderful little painting contest with a good cause?
Then you are right with this one - created by Peter aka  witnessmyminis

This is what Peter says about the contest:

"*updated* I had planned to do something when I reached 2000 followers, then something happened.

I recently lost my little sister to mental health issues; she had been struggling for a long time with her demons and she was too tired to keep fighting.

This hobby and community have been so important to me during this last year; it has opened its arms for me completely.
And when I was struck with this grief not only was the painting table my zen space, but some of you hobby people reach out with comforting words and helping hands.

I’m running a competition in hopes that I will get beautiful art that I can look back on to remember my sister, and even raise some money to help others that need help like she did.

My sister was very talented artist and creative soul I will add some of here artwork to this post, so you see what I mean. Something she loved to draw was Butterflies hence the theme.

Painting Competition. #ButterflyforHanna
-Any miniature, bust, diorama, etc
-Incorporate a butterfly in the paintjob in someway
-Use the #butterflyforhanna
Please tag me in any wip etc so I can follow the work.
-Deadline 28th of February.

Prize for the winner.*update*
Statue gold , silver and bronze from @romanlappat.miniatureart.

I will donate the price money to Avicii Foundation.
In your name and send the winner a certificate.

- some of you did however want to contribute with a prizes so there will be a raffle between all the participants once we are done .

Anybody that would like to donate also can do so by following the link in my bio. Please be sure to mark it with #butterflyforhanna so we can see the total amount donated after we are done.
Join the discord “the Brush coven” there will be a channel for people of the competition for showing wips..

Please follow my wonderful judges and spread the word.

Thanks in advance and happy painting!"

When I read this I really wanted to help and created these three trophies!

There also will be a Massive Voodoo / Roman Lappat surprise box in the prize raffle!

Keep on happy painting!

Inspiration: Wonderful words about our hobby and growth

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle!
Watch this ...

Such good and foremost important content in these gentleman's videos. Thank you both for creating them!

There are delicate emotions in this world, we all know them, we learn to deal with some, we do not understand others. All is individual. The pandemic did not make life easier, emotions not less. Fear sometimes, but what it also did is that many new people found their way to the joy that is miniature painting. To the joy, meditation and stress relief this hobby can bring.

We also have a big collection on articles about delicate topics about joy, motivation and happy painting in MV's Tutorial library!

Check them out
- reading is good for the brain!

A guide in theory on how you can increase your skills.

What does painting mean for you?
Alfonso Giraldes and Roman Lappat on this question ...

The Joy of Work in Progress
David talks about his preference to work on several projects at once.

Painting on the shoulders of giants - Learning by comparision
Hansrainer goes in depth into motivation and what learning means

Peter's development in painting over the years
See how Peter walked his way of the miniature painter

Thoughts about Painting Joy by me and many jungle visitors - check the comments!

Impostor Syndrom and painting
Guest author Petra goes deep in psychologic depths when it comes to painting.

This article focuses on winning and losing and the dark and light side ...

Painting/Project Motivation
Roman speaks about a project related motivation curve.

Project Ping-Pong
Bored with painting only one project. Learn to master the ping-pong game.

10 Golden Rules of Miniature Painting
Become a happier painter by following these 10 rules!

Enjoy and keep on happy painting!

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Review: Private Coaching with Florian

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle!

I am catching up with lightning speed, eh?
So much happens and I am still a little bit behind of it all, but just a tiny bit. I am closing in.

This time I got another review for you.
A review of a private coaching I had some weeks ago with Florian.
Two days with a very calm, relaxed and friendly guy I was looking forward too as I know Florian since several years now!

Florian and me

His topic was special and can be summed up as:
"Why do some artist do what they do - colorwise - and why can they journey through the color wheel without making it look weird or stupid?" ... 

Well, at least that was the question. So I asked Florian to show me some artworks to figure out what he means and Frank Frazetta popped up!

My goal for the coaching was to go in depth into color theory with Florian and then analyse some artwork by Frazetta with him to understand what Mr. Frazetta did there and maybe even finding out why.

Here is what Florian says about his coaching:

"A private coaching with Roman was on my wish list for a very long time. However, thanks to the many workshops with Roman, I've been pretty much where I want to be with my painting skills for a few years now: I can implement my projects the way I enjoy it and I'm very happy with the result at the end. Happy Painting! But one topic kept coming to my mind, the practical handling of color theory and color concepts that go beyond the standard complementary contrast. And at some point I also realized that I could formulate my goal very vaguely at first. After all, I want to learn this and can rely on Roman's experience. That's how it turned out to be. The learning objective was generally "colors and their effect on each other". As a theoretical introduction to this, the occupation with, or the implementation of even more unusual color harmonies beyond complementary (so also analog, triad, quadrad, tetradic ...). That was enough for me as a guideline. If I could expand my understanding (and in the application) of colors with it, then my goal was achieved.

So the coaching started long before the actual appointment. Roman asked me clever questions to understand my topic and goal. I was also given a small homework assignment. Roman wanted a selection of images in advance to get an idea of where I was having trouble with color anlyses. For the coaching he had prepared a handout with theory and practical exercises. Unfortunately, I was in poor health, so we even had to break off early. However, Roman adjusted perfectly to me, so that even the shortened appointment felt more than round for me. Although I didn't feel unmotivated before the coaching, I am more motivated now than I have been in a long time. I can hardly think of anything else but a new project where I now want to implement what I learned."

- Florian

In german:

"Ein privates Coaching bei Roman stand schon sehr lange auf meiner Wunschliste. Allerdings bin ich dank der vielen Workshops bei Roman seit einigen Jahren mit meinen Malkünsten ziemlich genau da, wo ich sein möchte: ich kann meine Projekte so umsetzen, wie es mir Spaß macht und ich bin am Schluss sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Happy Painting! Ein Thema kam mir aber immer wieder in den Sinn, der praktische Umgang mit Farbtheorie und Farbkonzepten die über den Standard Komplementärkontrast hinausgehen. Und mir wurde irgendwann auch klar, dass ich mein Ziel auch erstmal sehr unkonkret formulieren kann. Schließlich möchte ich das erst lernen und kann auf Romans Erfahrung vertrauen. So war es dann auch. Lernziel war generell „Farben und ihre Wirkung untereinander“. Als theoretischer Einstieg dazu die Beschäftigung mit, bzw. die Umsetzung von auch ungewöhnlicheren Farbharmonien über Komplementär hinaus (also auch Analog, Triade, Quadrad, Tetradisch ...). Das reichte mir als roter Faden. Wenn ich damit mein Verständnis (und in der Anwendung) für Farben erweitern konnte, dann war mein Ziel erreicht.

Das Coaching fing also schon lange vor dem eigentlichen Termin an. Roman stelle mir geschickte Fragen, um mein Thema und mein Ziel zu verstehen. Eine kleine Hausaufgabe bekam ich auch. Roman wollte im Vorfeld eine Auswahl an Bildern, um sich Bild davon zu machen, wo ich Schwierigkeiten mit der Farbanlyse habe. Zum Coaching hatte er ein Handout mit Theorie und praktischen Übungen vorbereitet. Leider war ich gesundheitlich angeschlagen, so dass wir sogar vorzeitig abbrechen mussten. Roman hat sich aber perfekt auf mich eingestellt, so dass sich auch der verkürzte Termin für mich mehr als rund angefühlt hat. Obwohl ich mich vor dem Coaching nicht unmotiviert empfand, bin ich jetzt so motiviert wie schon lange nicht mehr. Ich kann kaum an etwas anderes als an ein neues Projekt denken, bei dem ich das Gelernte jetzt umsetzen möchte."

- Florian

Thank you for your kind words about the coaching, Florian.
Unfortanetely we had to end the coaching earlier as Florian had a cold and was not in best condition for work of focus. Nonetheless, we both - I do not lie when saying this - discovered many sparks and click moments of how to paint like Frazetta and discovered a very fresh approach to mixing colors and painting them on your figure. It is still crazy and feels good and Florian and I decided to meet again in 2022 for the second part of this coaching.

Keep on happy painting, Florian!
Best Wishes,


If you want to learn from me
in your very own private coaching session, do not hesitate to contact me for further details via

Write me an email and we can make it work!

If you are interested in a private coaching session or the actual news on workshops, please read:

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Review: Beginner Workshop II, Augsburg

by Roman aka jar

 Good Morning Jungle!
time for another review.

I am finally catching up with speed over 9000+ when it comes to blogging :) - this review is about my second beginner workshop this year in Augsburg. The workshop was a 2G+ venue in terms of pandemic restrictions ...

Thanks to all of you for a beautiful happy painting weekend!
Thanks for all the help during the class and afterwards.Thank you for joining up for the class even in times of a pandemic and your joy to learn painting wisdom and philosophy :)

From far and close, first timers and repeaters ...
thank you for signing up!

I want to thank you all for your feedback that I can use to build this review with!
Stay healthy and paint happily :)

Thank you, Kilian for your unique teaching wish and your help during the class!
I will write you soon about what we spoke of!

The theory parts contain:

- Learn to see your world with different eyes
- Introduction into basing composition
- Learn how to feel harmony in different aspects
- Important contrasts for figure painting
- Explanation about how to paint a light situation on your figure
- Understand colour theory and learn how to use it properly
- Learn about different materials, their unique properties and learn to paint them
- Learn to lose fear of doing something wrong
- much more!

painting the night away

Tim says about the workshop:

„Roman is a gifted artist who can not only explain things in an easy to understand way, but also with humor and attention to detail.

At first I was unsure if I should participate in the Beginner Workshop, since I had not painted for over a year. But - IT HAS PAID.

I learned not only how to create atmosphere, but also how to put colors together and combine them so that the overall work forms a unity. The best thing: I have painted the whole minature with just 3 colors + black & white. I never thought that I would have learned so much after only 3 intensive days.

Roman, thank you from the depth of my heart for these great days. I can not describe how much you have changed my view of things in life and in nature.

I now walk through life with a different view and see things that I might not have seen before. Was it just a dream?

"The Beginner Workshop was a really memorable experience for me. I painted when I was a teenager (but stopped painting around 2001). 20 years later I picked up the brush again because of Covid lockdowns and the need to do something that is both relaxing and creative. I soon got lost in all the youtube content that is now available. Yes, you might get some good insights, but what you lack is the 'bigger picture'. This is where Roman as the master really brings the difference. In the Beginner Workshop I learned so much about atmosphere, storytelling, composition, how to apply different forms of contrasts, staying in a workflow etc. But besides the content of the workshop itself, I want to mention two things that made the weekend really memorable for me. First is Roman as a teacher. I think our workshop was maybe the 110th time Roman gave it. But the energy, passion and soul he put in made me feel it was just as important as the first workshop he gave. The second reason was the group of fellow students. It was awesome to be in group of like-minded people all doing what we love best. Everybody was really helpful, not-competitive, eager to learn and fun to be around with. I think most miniaturepainters are introverted yet social people. It was like a warm bath to be in such a nice group!"

                            - Tim

"Thanks for an inspiring painting weekend. I am quite proud of what I painted under your guidance. As a "return customer" of the beginner workshop I also enjoyed deepening the color theory part and working with a focused vision. "

                                                           - Malte

"Thank you for everything and stay as you are. I am sure we will meet again - I WILL BE BACK 😉"

 - Tobias aka "the drunken demonette under the lantern"

"After taking the course, I started to observe my environment differently. I became more concious of how light shines in real life and how it is depicted in books and drawings. A truly eye-opening experience."
                           - Nils

"I had taken a longer break from painting, I was simply out of breath and couldn't motivate myself. My goal in the workshop was to rekindle the desire to paint. I can only say Mission Accomplished. Thank you Roman for the wonderful weekend. In the meantime it was a long dry spell, but after that I was rewarded all the more with every further brushstroke. Thanks a lot and keep on happy painting. "


                                - Michael

"Thank you for the wonderful and incredibly educational weekend. I'm not only grateful to my wife for giving me this great time in your course (and what better gift than time to remember?), But also to you for the great time and for the basis for my rudimentary skills to develop further.

- Bjorn

"Hi Roman, I would like to thank you very much again for the wonderful workshop! You have structured the various topics well in theory with a subsequent practical part and you can simply see the experience you have gained over the years. Be it through workshops, your studies or your own painting experience. You combine everything excellently in your workshop and pick up everyone at their painting level. You probably lost a good art teacher. Not really, because that's exactly what you do with the workshops - bringing different aspects of art closer to others. If I can, I will definitely take part in one of your workshops again! I also thought it was great that you took Kilian, who wants to go in this direction himself, under your wing and helped him get started in the teaching world. What I found a bit of a shame was the division of the group into two. It was right and important to separate the group in the current situation. But that didn't make you tangible for everyone in the same way. On the other hand, it made one or the other decision on your own instead of turning to you with every little problem. After all, you grow with your tasks. 

 But that's only a small flaw that you can only influence to a limited extent. I am already looking forward to my new projects with the newly acquired knowledge. From now on there is a bit of a novel in each of my characters that whispers from the shoulder into my ear - and maybe a bit of Rowan who persuades me from the other shoulder. (Little fun fact: Next to Create and Play there is a poster on or in a building that says Rowan. I immediately thought of your opponent):"

- Lars

Thanks to everyone
who showed up for the workshop. It was a great weekend, with wonderful students, eager to learn the ways of happypainting and able to stand my blabla for thirtythree hours of class schedule. As a teacher my student's results made me really proud and we all were able to share good vibrations all around.

At the moment I postponed plans for the new year due the ongoing uncertainity due the pandemic.
I filled up my schedule until April 2022 with private coachings and plan to organise weekend workshops from January on when I know
a bit more about the actual Covid rules. So, workshops will not happen next year before the end of April.

Keep on happy painting everyone and thanks for coming to the seminar!
Stay healthy!