FM: OSL Study Miniatures

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

during my private coaching and OSL workshop I painted some miniatures for explanation purpose.
I call them study pieces and this is what they are. They are always fun to explain the principles of Object Source light:

A guide that introduces Light that comes from a source nearby the miniature.

Raffa explains how to use really glowing pigment powder.

Inspiration: OSL
A collection to get inspired.

There are two study stages on this.
First one is to understand how to setup and plan OSL:

Second one is to learn how to include it in a full colored miniature:

All of these study pieces are for sale
for a decent coin. If you want to learn from an original piece by my brush do not hesitate to make one of these yours via:

I even made a video of them, 360°, 4k resolution - enjoy!

Keep on happy painting!

Best Wishes,


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