Inspiration: Wonderful words about our hobby and growth

by Roman aka jar

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Such good and foremost important content in these gentleman's videos. Thank you both for creating them!

There are delicate emotions in this world, we all know them, we learn to deal with some, we do not understand others. All is individual. The pandemic did not make life easier, emotions not less. Fear sometimes, but what it also did is that many new people found their way to the joy that is miniature painting. To the joy, meditation and stress relief this hobby can bring.

We also have a big collection on articles about delicate topics about joy, motivation and happy painting in MV's Tutorial library!

Check them out
- reading is good for the brain!

A guide in theory on how you can increase your skills.

What does painting mean for you?
Alfonso Giraldes and Roman Lappat on this question ...

The Joy of Work in Progress
David talks about his preference to work on several projects at once.

Painting on the shoulders of giants - Learning by comparision
Hansrainer goes in depth into motivation and what learning means

Peter's development in painting over the years
See how Peter walked his way of the miniature painter

Thoughts about Painting Joy by me and many jungle visitors - check the comments!

Impostor Syndrom and painting
Guest author Petra goes deep in psychologic depths when it comes to painting.

This article focuses on winning and losing and the dark and light side ...

Painting/Project Motivation
Roman speaks about a project related motivation curve.

Project Ping-Pong
Bored with painting only one project. Learn to master the ping-pong game.

10 Golden Rules of Miniature Painting
Become a happier painter by following these 10 rules!

Enjoy and keep on happy painting!

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