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by Raffa

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Hello dear reader!

I know many, many, many people asked for this tutorial for a long time and it was really annoying to keep it a secret... but today this will change ;)

In the beginning i will write a small introduction:
At first i discovered this effect by mistake, as i always experiment with new stuff sometimes i put weird stuff on my brush and airbrush and one of this experiments was finally bringing some nice effect....

So to achieve the effect you need the following:
- Airbrush with middle-big sized nozzle (0,03-0,06mm nozzle will work for sure)
- Pelikan Antique Varnish (german: Pelikan Krakelee Reißlack) - Buy it here to support me :)
- Water
- Something to spray it on :)

Ok, to start some important notes:
- The effect is good for display miniatures because it will stay a little fragile.
- It is not hard, it will stay flexible just like real spiderwebs.
- it will be destroyed by too much wind and/or water.
- like real spiderwebs these spiderwebs will connect between two points of your object.
- spray after everything is painted, spraying before basecoating will destroy the webs.

Now to get the effect just put a small amount of water in your airbrush FIRST and then add some of the Pelikan Antique Effect to your airbrush.
The ratio is about 20% water, 80% PAE...

Too much water and no spiderwebs will be created and old spiderwebs will be destroyed.
Too much PAE and you can't spray the mix with your airbrush.

Now to spray the webs on your mini you have to spray with very very low pressure and large color amount. On a double action airbrush this means you have to pull your lever to the back and then press it down very gently.
If you got the right mix and pressure your airbrush will make some special sound (almost whistling) and you will see spiderwebs appearing slowly.
Don't spray with too much pressure or your webs will be just blown away.

The effect is not 100% controllable, you will see spiderwebs appearing on your workbench at the sides of where you are spraying (just a warning)... you can "catch" these floatingwebs with your mini to add some more webs :)
To add more webs, just continue with spraying more spiderwebs slowly, don't overdo it with your pressure or you will loose some of your old webs....

So, that's about all the secret.... and a lot of trial and error ;)
You have to get some experience with this stuff to use it in a perfect way....

And now for "the most important" step...
The PAE will really cog your airbrush badly if you don't clean it right away!

If you want to support me in any way for sharing one of my long kept secrets you can buy the Liquid you need for this effect in my webshop that will launch officially tommorow!
Here's the Link

Hope you liked this tutorial and i hope to see spiderwebs on many miniatures in the future!



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