Mu21 - The Terror of Fortriu - Chimera by Maelstrom Games, Banebeasts, 28 mm

by Roman aka jar

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Another Mu?
Oh yes ... you know the mind prepares the projects :)

The model in this review will be used for a bigger project of mine that contents a greek mythologic theme. Bellerophon on Pegasus fighting the Chimera. A comission piece that is planned to be finished in the first months of 2012.

I am really looking forward as I am really into the greek mythology and always planned to create little scenes of stories told there. I would say "Medusa's Spy" was the first, now we are getting more epic :)

The great Chimera model by Maelstrom Banebeasts will be used for this scene and  am doing protocol of the project to write a big article about it (I already have some others on my list :D - MSS review and Arkvenger Step by Step) but for everything there is the right moment. The model itself is for sure not the cheapest but for your money you'll get something really worth every coin, so far - let's dive ...

Unboxing the model
The model itself comes in a massive box that makes you a little bit stunned in respect of its seize, the great sculpting work of Daniel Cockersell and the great master paintwork by Ben Komets.

On the back of the box you find the official artwork and a little text to the background of the Chimera. There is also a little information about seize comparision to casual 28 mm Infantery gaming models. That did not prepare me for the monster I was about to unpack.

Unpacking ...

When you open the box you first find a paper wih instructions and hints on how to handle resin models. That is worth a big thumb up from my side. If you are interested on how the jungle handles Resin, check this article in german or english language.

The different parts of the model are deliverd in bubble wrap and everything is packed extraordinary safe. There is no space in the parcel and the pieces don't bounce around. In the next photo I have already unpacked the main body and the base.

Now what pieces you get to complete the model:

1x Main body with lion head
1x dragon head
1x goat head
2x goat head horns
2x wings
1x scorpion tail
1x base piece
Many small teeths and blades you have to glue in place

Looking at the pieces in more detail. The Resin cast itself is quite good. Here and there you have work on final cleaning because of rests of the casting process. I am a little scared by all the small blades I got to glue in place but the rest should be easy going when it comes to preparing the model. For me - my personal view - the lion head has soooooo much power  and I already feel the colours of the scene due just looking at it :)

The details in the fur of the main body are just amazing. The overall appearence really makes you stunned due it great details. The fitting of the parts looks pretty easy too after some cleaning on the important parts.

 for seize comparision
 armoured booty
 just click the photos to enlarge them
 dragon and goat head
 as told you there are those little rest from the casts ...
 but a sharp blade and two good eyes can handle these easily ...
maybe some sanding paper is needed too - usual stuff when it comes to preparation

Personally I am not sure about the base.
For Gamers I would think it is a fine addtion to put your model fast up for the gaming table. For me, as mostly painter this is resin junk. No offence at all. I could imagine some sculpted terrain on it, better - I wished for it if I would bring that beast on top of it.

My base will be at this seize, by 
- as the mind surfs along the project  ...

Not the cheapest model, BUT you get a really good quality in the Resin cast and a model that has power like a Wild West train rolling onto you while you are chained to rails.

For my project the model is just perfect and I guess a mass of gamers could have their fun with shocking their battle friends with such a beast. The model fits perfectly as a Monster to other board games.

I hope you enjoyed this little Mu #21 - as told let me know if you are interested in more and there will be some more. Please remember that this always takes time for preparation, thinking and writing and if you want to say thanks you can do it in the comments or donate a little coffee to the jungle.

Best Wishes and keep on happy painting!


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