Saracen WiPs

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter, Baphomet

Hey guys,

just a few hours before I accompany Roman to Wetzlar for his paintingclass, I wanted to show you the latest WiP-Pictures of the Saracen... I try to finally finish him during the three days in Wetzlar, Inshallah, but there is still a lot to do... I´m really astonished how much my painting-style is developing, since I started to discoverd my hands as tools... of course I need a lot more practise and time to transfer all techniques to my new way of painting, but I´m really proud of the lastest developments...

 There was a comment on my last posting (by Anonymous), asking for a picture of Roman´s and my version of the Nurgle-Warrior... as promised, here you go:

And now, I start to pack all my stuff for the weekend while listening to this:


Enjoy your time!


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