It contains a bit of nudity...

by Roman aka jar

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Ok, ok - there is a bit of nudity ahead :)
Don't be scared and only look if you are at a legal age. You will soon realize that this video and portrait of these 2 artists is just amazing. Visual content, words and soul combined in a wonderful vision by the camera and video editing. Here comes a little explanation, quoting the artist's text from  the official Vimeo link:

"What I realized over the years is that when I'm on camera and I'm going to have sex all these ideas of what's right and wrong in society they go away "

BELLADONNA is an American porn actress.

"Why my painting are shocking ? They are just relax people...naked people, they are showing their vaginas. But what is a vagina man ?... It's the most important tool in life "

ALBERTO MIELGO is a Spanish painter.

This short documentary follows two different artistic world for an unexpected combination.

Directed by Alexis Wanneroy"

I hope you enjoy:

Innocent, in a way. from alexis wanneroy on Vimeo.

Many thanks for your email and the video suggestion.
Sure I remember your first video called Moonshine: Artist in the dark.
I am pretty stunned by your videos and your new one really flashed me away. It is just breathtaking to see these both talk about their passions, fears, hearts and souls. Your directing matches perfectly - I am pretty busy these days as I got to travel to the last painting class for this year, tomorrow. I'll be back with an Email soon next week - glad you enjoy colours so much - keep on happy creating and read you soon!

I am off for the weekends painting class, freezing all my email activity again until next weeks tuesday. I am really looking forward to it as the class will be pretty small in the amount of the participants and will be celebrated for sure as the last class of 2011. Peter is coming with me and I guess we will have  good time spent with colours soon.

Raffa is also away on a small painter's meeting somewhere in Germany. May you have a good travel, my bibab ;)

Ben and Matt are having their big Steampunk-Workshop this weekend too - a lot of fun to everyone!

I wish everyone a great weekend and a may you all travel safe. Let colours guide your thoughts and keep your eyes and hearts open.

Happy Painting!
Best Wishes


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