Mu20 - French Japan Benefit Box

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Good Morning jungle readers, greetings to you with some morning "Workshop Travel Music".

This time it is another Miniature unpacked looking at something special. A box with 8 limited figures to help Japan with the benefits of the Sales. For sure this box is hardly japan themed.

Here comes a little introduction of the box that I quote from their homepage:

"In the manner of the 2004 Thailand Tsunami, a box of miniatures has been released. 
This event is made to raise fund which will be integrally transfered to the red cross.

This box could not have been made without the help of talented french amateur and professional sculptors.

This box contains 8 sculpted non painted miniatures.

It is sold 35 € plus 6.00 € for shipping (shipping is the same if you buy one or more boxes)."

As I have ordered my box lately it took a while for it to arrive. No problem at all - I've heard rumors that there is only one guy behind the selling and making everything ready - so take your time and thanks mine arrived. The box comes in a big plastic blister with photos of the painted miniatures that are content of the box.

Just a little nice shot as I did these photos pretty early in the morning during this week:

Opening the box brings 8 small bags, everyone containing one of the sculpts.

Taking a closer look on the models itself. I can say the cast is fine - here and there you got some casual mould lines that have to be prepared and some rests of the cast that have to be removed, but overall the quality is high. All of the sculpts come in one piece, which makes preparation fast and painting starting quickly :) - all figures are in good quality Resin:

My personal favourites are the bust up left, the one below, the samurai and the other bust and ... ok I really like every piece on its own and want to say thank you to those persons behind the project. Here are some detail shots of the content:

Closing Words
Talking about the price and what you get thing is simple: A great box for a great cause.

If you want to get yours, know that they'll ship worldwide :)

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