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by Roman aka jar

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Good Morning day :)

While I am enjoying a beautiful sunrise this morning I choose to hit you with some inspirational links today. Some might interested you, others won't - check for yourself. This time it might get much stuff as I have a lot in my linklist during the last weeks.

Hobby related stuff

Blogs, websites and articles

5th Dimension - the Fish Philosophy (Article about Motivation during Painting)

The work of Akihito Ikeda (facebook only)
Slideshow of Milagros 2011 Show
Yandiego's Work in Progress 
Chest of colours: Armies on Parade
Scratch Built
Cool Basing Step by Step at Corvus' Miniatures
Massimo Pasquali
Blog by Pepa Saavedra
Omoklos Outhouse Step by Step at Painting Mum 
Madsculptor's blog
The Bench by Anders Heintz
Rafa Coll
Studio Blog - Matt Levin Chess board

Noisy / VICE's new music channel
Mac Miller - Best Day ever
Tom Waits - Misery is the River of the world
World Wide Rap 3 in 1 
Kixxie Siete - Enter the Swaggin' #1: Snake Style 
Tina Dickow - Lost in Art

Other Inspiration
National Geographic - Drawing the African Lion
Halo Suit
The Hobbit Production Video #4 (facebook only)
The Return of Murderer
Apollon Armour
High Elf Helmet
Sigmar Priest Armour
War of the Worlds - GOLIATH
Lovely Owl 
Wild Star Official Trailer 
Cleaning Balls
Sam Van Olffen

Wish you all a happy day! Stay inspired by the little and big things!
Meanwhile during posting this I really had a wonderful colour study on the sky and drank some cups of tea :)



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