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Aloa to our dearest jungle visitors,

I hope you had some relaxed Christmas days and enjoyed the days in the warmth of your families. I am pretty happy with the Christmas we had - really some quiet days without too much stress at all.

I did some Miniature projects lately that have been done as Christmas gifts.
Around 4~5 projects done - I think photos of the final figures will follow in 2012. There is so much on my lists that I got to do and emails, stuff and emails - I plan doing more painting in 2012 that is for sure, that is why I start to enjoy working with my sketch book again. At the moment mostly lists of things to do but also some projects plans and shy sketches ...

For one figure - the little Son of Ahab by a new company that will soon arise, called Phlegyas Art from Italy I did not find the book he is normally standing on top. He was done as a gift to my girlfriends brother who loves to go fishing. So I was searching my boxes for it and thought why not take a closer look into my drawers with you.

Looking into my workbench drawers
Ok, this might get pretty chaotic but in the end I plan to make this article a little Material introduction to the MV article section with links that guide you to other, more detailed articles. I hope I will achieve this goal.

I find it very comfortable to have mostly all my stuff included in 6 big drawers where I can easily reach them to get what I need without having to much action going on. I guess the closets are from Ikea and as far as I can remember they are called MALM - yes.

 I now give you a little overview on how those opened drawers look in the first view. I have to clean them up again - and added to the list. You find boxes (also from Ikea) inside the drawers, but let me explain, step by step ... from top to bottom of the closet :)

Drawer 1 (left side)

This is the most used drawer I would say. I find there priming cans, oil colours, effect colours, for example like Tamyia clear, glues, different sculpting putties, like magic sculp and milliput, and some other weird stuff. This drawer is mostly opened for figure preparation and getting hands on the oil and effect colors.

Below, in the second drawer you find material for basing mostly.

Drawer 2 (left side)

Right in here you find 3 main boxes, filled with wood parts and cork, gypsum parts, and a mad box of metal stuff, like old electronics, punched sheet and stuff. Casual stuff I use for basing. There is other smaller stuff flying around, like PVC Glue, some plastic card, more wooden pieces and so on. Closer look on the boxes. Those boxes are very cool as you can easily pick the one you need and bring it to your workspace. These boxes fill up once in a while when Fortuna helped me to find something useful on this planet. There is also one small box of dried earth for basing with common earth included in this drawer. It was kind of hidden that is why I just found it too late.


Drawer 3 (left side)

Down below here is a bit of a mess, but I still know what's going on. Here you can find 3 boxes again, some tools, like a saw, sanding machine, sanding paper, a little hand driller and for sure way to much stuff again. Closer look on the boxes shows a box full of stones, one with tools I don't use at all (hah! Got you - damn box!) another one filled with stuff for the final work on a base like leaves, snow, icicles, grass, dosh, etc.


Ok, now switch over to the right side - 3 drawers again. 3 Stories to tell. I hope you are still interested in this blablurb, but I hope there might be some inspiration in it for you, maybe?

Drawer 1 (right side)

In here you find - oh dear - 3 boxes again. 
One for pigments, one for randomly sorted bits stuff (gnaarrggll!) and one for a little bit more sorted bits stuff. 

Drawer 2 (right side)
In this place I find mostly figures, stuff that I plan to paint or ideas I want to work with in the future. 
I have not many figures at all. I stopped buying a lot it seems. I once was like that I really wanted to have everything I liked from the internet but somehow this felt always like money wasted at all. I should try to choose more wisely which figures I really want for a project I heard myself say. Today I only buy what I need. That saves a lot of money and space and motivation. For sure sometimes something won't become a project in the end. I mostly find a close friend to give him the untouched figure when I am not caught by the winds of inspiration as a gift.

There is also one board for storing gaming bases. One box for detailed basing stuff, like statues, animals and such unique pieces that make the base .. uhm ... unique :) - I am taking a closer look now into this box while cleaning it up:


Last but not least - there is the final drawer and to be very honest I am not touching it very often. It is some kind of storage place where I store some things (mostly demonettes) for the painting classes. Sure there is also baking paper for my wet palette but I don't clean mine too often even when I should :D

Drawer 3 (right side)


I hope you like this little introduction into my workspace chaos and I hope it can be helpful to guide a little bit through the deep jungle. Sure I have some more storage places of stuff - let me know if you like this article via a comment and there will be some more. If you got questions - please ask :)

Best Wishes and keep on happy painting!


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