Step by Step - The Ferrari Girl

by Raffa

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Welcome dear Jungle Reader!

At first, this is less a detailed tutorial than a small experience sharing....
My way of painting a pretty big miniature pretty fast.

Our subject is a 70mm figure, i can't exactly remember where i got it from, i think it's from Maschinenkrieger.... as my father told me he really wishes himself a miniature for christmas from me i was pretty clueless what mini to use,... my father is not a big fantasy fan or something... but something he likes very much is formula one and FERRARI (ok, i think it is a must as a italian :D )....

Soooo enough chit chat, back to topic.

This is the mini i am talking about.... i already glued her together and removed the mold lines...
You can see i used Liquid green stuff to get rid of some rough surfaces... i already washed the mini with soap and a toothbrush to get rid of any resin release agents.

Now as it is pretty cold outside (and this is not good for basecoating with a can) i am basecoating using Vallejos Grey Surface Primer with the airbrush and give the mini a nice thin coat.

As the next step i apply skin color. This is a weird mix of different tones and as i did it fast i can't remember the mix ;)
I also applied some very soft shadows and lights with the airbrush. this will make later work much faster...

Now comes the annoying part of this.... you have to mask  all the skin parts or parts you don't want to get oversprayed... you can for sure also work in muliple layers... for example the top clothing could be blue and then mask again and spray the pants.. i think you got the theory...
And believe me, every minute of masking is paying out in the end!

Here i sprayd the red basecoat followed by some shadows i sprayed from down below.
When spraying with masked areas it is important that the color in the airbrush is not toooo fluid and that you spray in thin layers with a distance between the airbrush and the mini... if the color pools on the mini it can run under your masking tape and ruin the previous skin work.

After spraying the red i just removed the masking tape and got the following (bad photo... ):

Now you can start working on details like darklining the areas, giving other parts some color like shoes, tool and hair.... i also enchanced light and shadow on all areas, especially the pant and face.

I didn't like the skin color very much so i used very very strong thinned yellowish brown to give her a more tanned look. The rest of the work is done i a classical brush way, the freehand on the top, the eyes and face etc. Pretty basic stuff :)

The oil streaks are done with the oil product from MiG Productions, it even smells like oil :D

So and here is my finished christmas gift:

Overall the mini took around 6-8 hours of work.
I hope you like this small article and i wish everbody a very nice christmas time!!!!



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