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by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter, Baphomet

Yesterday night Big Kong finished his big project and I fear he just fell asleep after he posted here on MV ;)

So I will take my change and show you some of my latest works, before my monkeybrother awakes and sends the pictures of his project out to the world!

This has still his working title "Skaven-Winter", although it was finished two days ago... I will think about it, but somehow I like this name.... it was a present for my monkeybrother Raffa :-) my latest work!

This one carrys the very astonishing title "Servant of Nurgle" ;-) sometimes I don´t have a good handcap with titels... probably it needs something more epic to stimulate my brain :-) I painted this miniature together with Roman´s version... he wanted to show me some painting tricks and it helped a lot :)

My actual project is the saracen... but there is still a lot to do before I can show you pictures ;-)

Keep on going!



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