Work in Progress - the relaxation

by Roman aka jar

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Relaxation brings energy.
Energy is needed to stay creative.
Without a relaxed surfing mind it is sometimes hard to focus.
So there has to be time of relaxation.

Experience Zero Gravity from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Ok, ok ... I guess its time for me now.
I can feel the winter holidays rolling in and my activity in the jungle will be ebbing a little bit.
I felt I was pretty busy the last weeks and I need time to restore some energies again. For the next days I am still painting and write some emails (I still got too many), but I think the blogging from my side will slow down to rest and relax. I am also a bit in a hurry for some painted Christmas gift figures :D

Another reason I might be a bit distracted from work is for sure now the computer game Skyrim :)
I used to be a miniature painter like you - then an arrow hit me in the knee :D

While some of my friends already are great warriors and slay dragons and giants in that game I recieved mine yesterday and played half an hour yesterday for relaxation. Made a character, a female Wood Elf Bowfighter and ... yeah, it is fun and relaxation after months without real gaming. Half an hour so far after the big escape from the dragon, half an hour in the woods and I am scared of what has happened to me ... Before I tell that little tale I want to show you a great video that I have found via Bestienmeister's blog - it is the Score of the Game but played by 2 ladys:

Here goes my little tale and I guees some more will follow:
I - more my gaming character - was walking the woods in Skyrim land - so much to do, so much to conquer, so much to quests to fullfill, such beautiful landscapes, filled with animals and ooaaauuhhh so nice - I did not really do something, I was just hunting a deer for half an hour with my bow. Sneaking, Shooting, Fail and all over again. For half an hour. Damn, this is not a good sign :D

And a little addition by Gobla via comment - wow, I ... compl.. etly... stunned ... me ... is ...

Getting back to Emails now and to painting.
Tonight Peter is coming over for a little paint night and I am not sure if I will get that deer or not today ;)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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