Tutorial Section Update - german language II

by Roman aka jar

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Again its me with the breaking news about MV's article section.

Mike's best friend seems to be Mr. busy.
Thank you very much for your help and I mean these words straight out of my chest. You are really a madman :)

Here goes the news - thanks to Robert aka Muhani for updating all that stuff like a rhino!

Here you find some basic thoughts about how to start with a miniature, how to work with different materials and ideas that can make your hobby even more joyful. You know Miniature Painting is like a muscle, it has to be trained to increase Volume. A pyramid is built from a good foundation, always remember.

The Painter's Travelling Guide   
A guide to show most of the stuff needed to be equipped as a professional when painting.

Room for Freshness   
Cleaning your workbench, talk about brushes, colours, material, spirit etc.

Preparing a white metal miniature   
Article showing you, how to prepare a miniature before painting.

Preparing a plastic miniature    
Guide that shows you through the cleaning process of a plastic GW Marine.

Preparing a resin miniature   
Big Bull getting his horns sanded and his muscles prepared.

Filling Gaps with Milliput   
Article showing you an easy way on how you can fill gaps after building your model.

Working with Vallejo Putty 401   
Article showing you a putty that can mostly do everything.

Working with super glue   
Article showing you some hints and tips about the use of superglue.

Holding your models while painting   
Article showing some hints and tips about easy handling your mini while painting.

Holding several models at once   
Article showing you a guide on how to easily handle more than one miniature.

Stripping Miniatures from Paint   
This Article shows you how you can clean off colour from a miniature to repaint it.

Using Neodym Magnets   
Peter shows the use of Magnets on his Gladiator bust.

And even more ...


Making a photo of your painted miniatures isn't the most important thing. Somehow for showing them around it is needed as there are not much painters on this planet at all, so there might be none in your area. We have to spread the word and share our little friends in public to bring attention to our hobby and art. Here you may find the jungle way of taking photos.

Photo Setup   
A guide that shows Roman's approach on taking photos.

Building up a photobox   
Yvonne explains her personal photobox with hints ant tips.

Photo backgrounds   
Need a photobackground for your personal use?

All hail to Mike!!!

There is more to come :)
if you like you can check all articles here in the Tutorial Section of MASSIVE VOODOO

You can find little flags of countries behind some of the articles, that shows you in which other languages you can read the specific article. At this point I want to thank those great people who help us with the translation work, you'll find their names in the translated articles - if you miss your language in here and want to help us, please feel free to contact Roman!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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