Mu19 - Young Miniatures - British LRDG 1942 North Africa bust, 1:10

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Aloa to another Miniature Unpacked.

This time it is about a bust again. I sometimes love the change on the workbench when a bust comes into play. It is something different from the usual full body miniature. The focus is already set by the sculpt directly to the face. Direct to the portrait and character you find in the sculpt. That makes the painting very personal I think.

I got some busts flying aroundmy place and have the feeling the last MU seems a while back. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy such a review on a figure and I will try to do some more.

Fresh, hot tea and some busy fingers will do the job now: Introducing another Young Miniatures bust to you, named: British LRDG 1942 North Africa, in Scale 1:10. The bust comes in Resin. The busts of Young aren't the cheapest busts around. The one I got was at 48,95 € and is indeed pretty expensive, but on the other hand you really get some impressive quality back, in sculpting and painting joy.

The bust is sculpted and the master painted by the one man army Young B Song.

 I really love those Young busts as there is very often such a hero behind casual curtains. This bust here caught my eye when I first saw it and for me he also could be a sailor guy or a fallout vagabond. I don't know yet how I will paint him, historical correct or else what the voices tell me.

When opening a Young box you already see the quality you have bought:

What always hits me first when unpacking Young Miniatures models is the smell. There is some smell that tastes like "Ough! That might be bad for my health, maybe!" - I think that comes from the Resin they use, I am not sure and it is only my personal impression. I recommand not to lick on your busts anyways :)

Now what you get in the 8 parts, all Resin:

- 1x Bust pin
- 1x upper torso
- 1x head
- 1x hat
- 1x collar
- 1x Rifle end
- 1x cigarrete piece
- 1x leather piece

Taking a closer look on the pieces itself, as always feel invited to click to the photos to enlarge them:



Now talking about the quality of the cast. First Impression by myself is again wow. Not really a mould line that you could call a mould line. Great fitting in all parts. You might recognize the bigger parts of Resin on the different parts - that is all. They are easy to remove with a bind rail and removed in detail with a scalpel followed by sandpaper. For sure you have to be careful. You can hurt yourself if you try with to much muscles and less control. Easy. Gently. Take care too at the thinner and smaller parts, they are easy to brake, like the leather piece. Aim. Cut. Aim. Cut. Maybe control your aim before you cut :)

Preparing the bust was also pretty easy. This time I planned for me to paint the face alone on a pin, no idea why but I want it this way. The fitting of the pieces works very good, everything fits perfectly. I found only 2 tiny gaps I have to fill with Milliput and I guess they come from my preparation, but they are really, really tiny :D

Closing words
I personal love those Young busts, really strong Character, sometimes a bit too heroic, but still simple in their overall appearence and a hell of a fun in preparation and as far as I feel in painting too.

I hope you enjoyed this little Mu #19 - as told let me know if you are interested in more and there will be some more. Please remember that this always takes time and if you want to say thanks you can do it in the comments or donate a little coffee to the jungle.

Best Wishes
and may happy painting guide your way!


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