Last days of November

by Roman aka jar

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This is a little post to review these insane days I have behind me. Pushing a big project through in about 7 days, while 3 of them were spent for a painting class. Way too less sleep, but a vision to be fullfilled to have a matching birthday present for my good friend Raffa :)

No Moment without music ... I am bit stuck to Mr. Bradley :D

I completly lost my brain somehow, was just painting and my workspace became a mess, but in those moments you always find what you need - some creative chaos :D

In the last photos you can see how I did a socket label for the project, described in different ways here:

Socket Label 1   
A stamped label for your showcase socket.

Socket Label 2   
Advanced label for your showcase socket.

Socket Label 3    
Advanced label for your showcase socket.

 So the project is done, entered in a german online painting contest and given to Raffa as his birthday gift. I made it just in time for the contest - Midnight on November 30th was the final moment and I've made it at 23:57 AM to sent the email :D - so pretty close you see. 

As the photos have been done in a hurry, there will be new and better ones soon which migth catch the complexity of the whole scene even better. I will then explain the piece a bit more, but please don't ask me much stuff about it. As told it was done in a couple of days and those have been so intense with pure painting that it felt I lost my mind during these days :D

Some energies are already restored and I begun to clean my workbench again, saying welcome to December, packing the ULTIMATE PLASTIC KNIGHT Prizes and other stuff for the post run and starting the next projects:

I often got ask lately about the Rhinotaur by Allan Carrasco, for example like this mail by Diego:

"Hi Roman , I'm not sure it's one of your projects , but really I don't know who to ask exactly.
Seems impossible to me to find a webpage  wich sells the Rhinotaur mini from Allan carrasco , but I'd seen it in some pics around the blog and even on some on the last painting class.
So can you please give me a clue about where to get that miniature?)"

News about it:
There are no shops who sells it.
Figone at the moment is offline until Jeremie comes back from his little bike trip through Africa, at least these are my informations, not sure if they are perfect. Allan did a small number of casts of the Rhinotaur and those who mailed him fast and quick were able to catch one. I was told that maybe someday there will be more casts available, maybe.

Hope this information helps - even it is a sad one.

So far, keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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