Joy of Work in Progress - the mind

by Roman aka jar

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The mind plays an important role when it comes to a project.
I do not mean the plan behind it, I mean the mind.
I have no control of it, I can't plan it.
It's like surfing on waves.
Some are big, some are small,
but it is surfing all the time.

A project can start long before the acutal progress of working on it appears on your table. It starts in the mind and grows. I can recommand having a little book for sketches, words, paintings, drawings and more stuff to keep your mind away from forgetting something. Once it is written in there it not only stays in the mind it also stays in the heart.

These, for example are a Work in Progress shots ... the project already surfes in the mind :)

Pretty funny because of those feathers :)

When Peter and I came back from the last painting class we needed some good sleep after the drive home wasn't that simple because of all that fog, rain and ice on the road (winter is coming) and Peter did a great job, my eyes with him, focused on staying awake after a Painting class. Ok, my mind is already drifting away ... We we're tired and slept well. Next Morning we both picked up Peter's guest sleeping stuff and put it back in place. Peter was hitting a little box which fell down and there were thoe feathers. I remember giving my lady those feathers during the first year of our relationship - some kind of angelwings if you want so - I thought about bringing some to my workbench, then I decided to take a photo of the book I am reading for project preparation on it today and it both came together ... interesting? Nah! I don't think so :D

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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