Project diary: 1177 B.C. - 03

by David

Hey all,

welcome to the third page of my project diary. If you're wondering what this is, please check the announcement post, in which I explain the motivation and general goals of the diary. At the bottom of that post, you will find a link to all parts of this series (constantly updated as soon as new articles are published).

Today's post will be about preparing the mini for painting. Since I have talked about this in extended detail in the past, I will only briefly summarize what I did!

Same same... but different?

As usual, the Caesar set included a few of the same pose, so the first thing I had to do was pick the mini that I liked best. Normally, I would choose the best-cast version (the least undercuts, casting mistakes, flash/moldlines), but in this case, all three were pretty much the same. However, probably due to the rather soft plastic Caesar uses for their casts, the three versions differed a bit in the angles (legs to ground, sword to arm, etc.). So I just picked the version I liked best (in this case, the first from the left). The actual preparation went very smoothly as there were no undercuts, very little flash - just a bit around the shield, and nothing much in terms of moldlines. Very well done, Caesar!

Very little for me to do!
Just a little bit of flash along the lower shield-rim

So, ultimately, all I had to do was to cut away the little plastic base, clean up the shield a little and make sure the figure was really clean of moldlines.

The tools of the trade...

As usual, when I am done with the knifework on those soft-plastic miniatures, I treat the mini with some soft-plastic primer, which (I feel) smoothes out tiny micro-imperfections in the plastic.

After that was done, I drilled holes into the mini's feet with a .4 mm drill. In the step after the next, I will insert acupuncture needles as pins, which will fix the mini to the base. Why not pin them now, you ask? It'll all become clear in the next installment...

Thanks for reading. In the next part of the project diary, I will address the first steps of building the base.

As always, let me know in the comments if you have questions. See you in a bit!

Best, D.

Kong Fu: The end of the MV Studio, the journey continues ...

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle people,

well it has been a though ride.
The Massive Voodoo studio as we know it is no more!

It has been long overdue.
Since about four years it was fact that these buildings where the studio is located will be torn down. From then on this feeling stretched. A new place was in sight, but Covid-19 changed it all.

Well, with looking back on it I am grateful and deeply thankful for the great times spent there. For all the people who visited, friends who came over and many students to learned there. It has been a creative cave filled with great memories.

While waiting for that new place to be ready to move in life put many changes on me: I had to move out of my flat that I really loved as my landlord needed the flat for his son. Bummer! I did so during Winter 2020 and it was not easy to find a flat, nor was the move during lockdown, but with the help of great people it was managed. As Covid-19 restrictions affected my job enourmously (not teaching weekend seminars) I decided to move the studio as a much smaller version home into my flat until I am able to focus on finding a new space. This all started to happen in Winter.

It all started slowly.
Moving basic equipment from the old place to the new one to be able to work again ... setting up the new place slowly:

Thanks to my good friend Erik who helped me to setup the basic layout of the new place ...

On a personal level it was really hard for me and somehow I reached a point where I was not able to proceed. Too many emotions stuck to the big wall of great memories ... the best thing would have been inviting some friends over, drinking some beer and having a party to move out. This was not allowed due Corona. This place and the heart stuck to it, the memories in these halls would have deserved it.

So I basicly was kind of depressed and stucked ... tried to enjoy creativity in the new place, while the old was waiting to die. Did not really work ...

Out of nowwhere my awesome girlfriend surprised me with a book.
She organised friends of mine to celebrate this party in form of text and memories and to be honest it just made me cry when I had it in my hands, reading through these pages ...

On this evening - while zipping a beer or two - I was able to tear down the wall of memories. Saving 50% of photos to put them together in a photo album.

From there on, the spell was broken and I was able to see it all for what it was:
Time to say goodbye, finally and being thankful for it. The studio itself started to empty up too and it was quite the workload to sort out things, put usuables into the new studio and throwing out what was not needed, putting tons of stuff on ebay too.

Some weeks ago - while writing this - it was done.
The room was empty and the studio was moved.

It was time to remove the sign from the front door.

The end of an era.
The start of a new one.

Finally, the new studio felt like something.
It started to feel good to focus on this new place.
Unpacking tons of boxes (still not done yet) and organising the place.
My two buddies, Keiko and Momo always around and really interested in this place of future creativity.

Now in the new place it is still work ahead of me ...
Unpacking, organising and most important finding a workflow again. It works, but not superfast.
It feels good to be able to teach again, this is what I missed the most during lockdowns and move and it helps to find organisation combined with a workflow. Time to unpack the brushes ...

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who helped me in this task. I am not good with changes and I tend to be emotional, maybe too much or just the right amount, who knows. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me with words and their help to move this forward.

For the moment the new place is good and I am thankful.
On the long term it makes sense to find a place outside my flat again to seperate work and home and the view already searches for new options ... we will see what the future brings.

Thank you!

Keep on happy painting!

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Review: Private Coaching with Matthias

by Roman aka jar

"Many of these insights and impressions are only slowly sinking now and I often catch myself with a smile and think to myself: "Roman, you old fox!" 

- Matthias


It feels good to be able to teach again ...
man, I missed it.

My heart beats for in person teaching and helping my students forward on their personal painting journey. This means I am not throwing content in front of my student, they rather have to tell me what they want to improve and learn and I build up a didactic teaching frame around their goal. I love it!

I was happy to welcome Matthias for a two day private coaching in the new studio and we enjoyed to glorious days of painting joy ... Thank you, Matthias for joining your course and for your trust in my teaching skills!

Matthias wanted to push his gaming miniatures further. So far, we did not meet. Matthias did not take a lesson or workshop from me yet and I thaught him a careful mix from my beginner-, advanced- and basing workshop ... he did great!

Review: Private Coaching with Matthias

This is what Matthias has to say about the two day coaching session:

Review? Phew ?! Where do you start and where do you stop?

Somehow the right question for 2 wonderful days and my previous way of painting figures.

For a long time I've been thinking about taking a course with Roman. But then always asking me the questions, is it worth it for me, does the brush master even do coaching with paint splatters like me or should I wait until maybe another beginners course takes place? Accordingly, the start-up and the brooding were long until I dared.

Similar to my previous approach to miniatures, which I mainly paint to play and often fail or even start for the same reasons. Too many identical miniatures, used too long, pondered too long, how should I paint them now, which color scheme fits there, etc.

Accordingly, I went into this private coaching with great anticipation and skepticism.

To be honest, I'm not sure what I liked the most or why I am so excited about these 2 days.

Certainly the high-quality and understandably packaged theoretical and practical part was very good and brought me further, but it was probably more the things between the lines that inspired me so much and showed me a new approach and perspective on painting.

Right from the start, Roman picked me up where I was and made me feel welcome. He then guided me through these 2 days with encouraging words, a little nudge if necessary and, above all, with a lot of patience. Similar to a trip, I was able to experience a lot of new things, some familiar things in a new light and some completely unexpected things. Many of these insights and impressions are only slowly sinking now and I often catch myself with a smile and think to myself: "Roman, you old fox!"

So at this point, thank you very much again for 2 wonderful days of vacation, which for me have passed much too quickly.

This is what Matthias says about these
two days of private coaching (german):

"Review? Puh?! Wo anfangen und wo aufhören?

Irgendwie die passende Frage für 2 wunderbare Tage und meine bisherige Art Figuren zu bemalen.

Seit längerem habe ich schon überlegt ob ich einen Kurs bei Roman machen sollte. Mir aber dann doch immer die Fragen gestellt lohnt sich des überhaupt bei mir, macht der Pinselmeister überhaupt Coachings mit solchen Farbklecksern wie mir oder sollte ich lieber warten bis vielleicht mal wieder ein Anfängerkurs stattfindet? Dementsprechend lange war der Anlauf und die Grübelei bis ich mich getraut habe.

Ähnlich wie meine bisherige Herangehensweise an Miniaturen, die ich vornehmlich zum Spielen bemale und dabei oft aus den gleichen Gründen nicht fertig bringe oder gar beginne. Zu viele gleiche Miniaturen, zu lange gebraucht, zu lange überlegt wie soll ich die jetzt anmalen, welches Farbschema passt jetzt da usw.

Dementsprechend gespannt und skeptisch bin ich in dieses Private Coaching gegangen.

Um ehrlich zu sein ich bin mir gar nicht sicher was mir am meisten gefallen hat oder warum ich so begeistert von diesen 2 Tagen bin.

Mit Sicherheit war der qualitativ hochwertige und verständlich verpackte Theorie- und Praxisteil sehr gut und hat mich weitergebracht, doch vermutlich waren es vielmehr die Dinge zwischen den Zeilen die mich so begeistert und mir eine neue Herangehensweise und Sicht auf das Malen gezeigt haben.

Von Beginn an hat Roman mich da abgeholt wo ich war und mir das Gefühl gegeben dass ich willkommen bin.  Durch diese 2 Tage hat er mich dann mit ermutigenden Worten, einem kleinen Schubser wenn notwendig und vor allem mit viel Geduld geführt. Ähnlich wie auf einer Reise hab ich viel Neues, manches Bekannte in neuem Licht und einiges völlig Unerwartetes erfahren dürfen. Viele dieser Erkenntnisse und Eindrücke sacken jetzt erst nach und nach und ich erwisch mich öfters mit einem Lächeln und denk mir: „Roman, Du alter Fuchs!“

Deswegen an dieser Stelle nochmals vielen vielen Dank für 2 wunderbare Tage Urlaub, die für mich gefühlt viel zu schnell vergangen sind."

Keep on happy painting!

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