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by Roman aka jar

 Good Morning Jungle,

it has been a while since my last weekend workshop or even thinking about it.
Covid-19 and all its restrictions put this on an extreme hold, but it seems there is relief on the horizon.
I got some news for all of you and I can not wait to be back on track once again!

I am able to teach private coachings again, hands on and in person.
The place of studio changed, but not the quality of content and learning curve for my students.
If you want to be one of them in the future, feel invited to contact me via mail
and I sent you my informational PDF about a Private Coaching with me.

I do have dates available yet until September 2021.
More to come soon!

I do not yet have dates, but I think it is realistic to say that my curriculum workshops will be possible again late autumn/winter 2021. I am already writing to the school for information when it is possible to rent a room again. I will announce it all as soon as possible so everyone has enough time to plan ahead.
Stay tuned!


Well, a topic I would love to be able to teach, but I realized I am not the person for it for the moment.
I rather teach hands on and help my students when we are in the same room. It is more sustainable and this is what I want to teach. Additional I am happy to spent less time in front of the computer screen and try to avoid too much screen time. I made my head clear about this and just stick to it as it feels right.

So far,
Keep on happy painting!

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