Raffa's Work in Progress - June #3

by Raffa

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Hey everyone,

again, it's time for some work in progress updates as we recently had a nice painting night!

At the moment I am working on several projects at a time...

First is the Barbarian Dude for the Legio Pictorum contest. I really had a very hard time on the start of this figure, I even thought about quitting... but:

“If you quit ONCE it becomes a habit. Never quit!”
― Michael Jordan

So I started almost completely over with the skin of the dude. Here is what I got so far:

Still some stuff to do... but slowly I am moving toward the end.

Another project that I just started recently is a Red Box Games figure. I wanted to try out some non metallic metal... and somehow it turned into a project that will demand some more work, especially the base.
On the first three photos you can see the actual progress... still pretty early, only a quick sketch of the skin, the metal and cloak is somehow a bit further in the progress. This figure was mainly started for training. NMM and freehand training is my focus as I didn't do a lot of it recently.

The base was very much fun so far. You can see a work in progress of the construction on the last photo. The wooden construction is almost done at this point and I can continue with the landscape.

The last project I want to show today is a bust that is really sitting in my cabinet for quite a while now! It was the first project where I stripped color and finally it's coming closer and closer to an end.
I can't explain why, but somehow I really paint a lot of NMM lately. maybe it's the control that I like so much about it... or the effect... but anyway. This bust was really demanding so far.

That's almost everything I'm working on at the moment... except the stuff that I don't want to show like new Forged Monkey sculpts, hehe :D

I hope you like the progress so far!


by Roman aka jar

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by Roman aka jar

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Thanks to Engineer Jeff. 
He did a review on our Artbook that arrives worldwide these days at our campaign backers!

I missed the campaign, but I want one of these books?

We got asked a lot lately from people who weren't aware of the Indigogo campaign, where they can get one of these books. First bad news: Campaign exclusive was the Documentary book, the stickers and the bookmark. Good news: You can get the Figure Art book at retailers in the future. We are in the middle of planning and preparing this. Right now there is only one retailer who got a low number left, check Frank-Miniatures.

As soon we are able the Figure-Art Artbooks will be on Sale. Be aware that we only have a limited number left so make sure you don't miss this news. Keep your eyes open!

Right now we are pretty busy with a lot of organising stuff that we weren't able during finishing the books, so everything might take a while. We ask for your patience. We also plan to write some final thoughts of ours about the campaign in the near future.

Thanks for everybody who helped making this rise!
We hope you like your books?

Best Wishes
Roman & Raffa

Kong's WIP thoughts - June #03

by Roman aka jar

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I got not much to tell as these days are filled with regeneration from our book campaign and and three painting classes every two weeks. Madness, but I love to see the students eyes grow on every class!!

Right now we are preparing the MV booth at Games Day Germany 2013 and I can tell there will be many of us there! Hope to see you soon in August!

This is the last call for your free Games Day ticket - would be great if you just could say "Hi, I don't need it anymore/ or I want it badly!" or something like that - helps me organising that stuff. Tomorrow I will give it away randomly to one of the other people who commented for it.

What's on my workbench?
One Painting class demonette, which is mostly finished. Maybe I finish her up, maybe not. I have learnt from last years painting class to not start big personal projects on a class as afterwards I am always getting sad of not finding the time to finish them properly. So the decision was made, I paint the workshop figure again and believe me I know those ladies by heart :D

One student of last weekend's class in Erlangen (Review will follow soon!) did the class a second time and he brought the old HeroQuest evil sorcerer as his weekend figure. We both were joking around that he looks so much like Skeletor from He-Man and guess what he painted? I asked him if he would do an exchange figure with me. I asked for the HeroQuest Barbarian, which arrived yesterday. I did spent one hour so far on him but I think he will be super-epic-cool in the end ... but I just realised I did not made any photos yet :/

I did made photos of another project of mine.
I can't tell you much right now, only that it is really getting huge and epic.

So far from the Kong's table ... read you in the future!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

No beer for barbarians!

by Roman aka jar

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next time the barkeeper should hand out some beer to a traveling barbarian ...

Figure is a limited Heresy model,
sculpted by Kevin James White (Hasslefree), as far as I know.

...inspired by old comics:

Starting the project during private coaching as an example and enjoyed finishing it.
Hope you like it! If you want to read an article on how to make blood splatters, click here!

No beer for barbarians!
Heresy, 60 mm

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

Inspirational Yoga Fire

by Roman aka jar

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once every month, I clean up my inspirational links I have saved for you - our jungle visitors - this time it is a lot. I hope you find your right inspiration in here ...

Step by Step - Kirpal
Great Links for sculptors via Romain's blog 
Mountrouge Figure Show 2013 - photo gallery
Painting Guide by Scale75
Volomir's blog - the brushstroke
Duke of Bavaria 2013 - video from dieVincis
Cursed Monkeys - NMM video tutorial
Cursed Monkeys - video report on AMT Torrent 2013
Dre4mit Miniatures - painting thoughts on Sgt. Connor
Chest of Colours - Thoughts on Slayer Sword Winners 2012
Pepa Saavedra - Step by Step
Great Wedding Cake Batman figures
L'atelier de slave of paint - socket tutorial
John Harrison speaks of Contrast in this great article
Step by Step - starter corregidor
Julien Casses - Elvish base tutorial

How to draw girl's faces
Masters of the Universe Artworks
Colour Scheme Designer
Fly around Carly
Tips for How to Shoot in Manual Mode
Dynamic Poses

Jean-Baptiste Monge 
Plastic Life
Daily Life: May 2013
I love chocolate!

Game of Thrones - Cello Cover
The Pharcyde - Drop
KRS-One - Wannabe MCs
Green Street - Daydreams
Liam Bailey - It's not the same
Vintage Trouble - Nobody told me
Biting Elbows - bad motherfu$§%
Rics Rumble - I'm Broke

Michael Jordan says it right!
The 50 most perfectly timed photos, ever!
Star Wars Lego Diorama
Kitten meets Hedgehog
Cosplay Geek x Girls
High Speed photos with colour, made from music
Michael Jordan, inspirational video!
Booty Store!
Coffee Art
Lego Alien Facehugger
Topless protestor got balls!
Samuel L. Jackson Monologue
Mad Max Game?
Game of Thrones - Red Wedding Reactions

MV Studio Quest - part 3

by Roman aka jar

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We told you about our actual and unusual contest we have running:
Read the rules and what it is all about here!

This posting is part three of the quest, more will follow ...
Every post consists of two photos from strange angles ... enjoy and draw yourself to your Jungle Surprise box - one hint/tip: first you should try to sketch the whole room to place objects later on ... let's see what you can do with those two photos of today:

Painting Jam 29 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar

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It is about time again ...
Painting Jam time - check this link for more FAQs. 
Let's get it on ...


Tac asks via mail:

Im really new to the Warhammer40k and modell-painting Hobby, but i really like it. I found your webside on the search for good tutorials and painting inspiration and Im excited about your work. Especially some of your tutorials are unicque and cool stuff!

Now to my Question:
I want to create a swamp base for my WH40k nurgle-army. My idea was, that they are standing in an ankel-deep pool of rotting or poisonous green or black brackwater. Not on some stones or wood etc.
Maybe there could be some Spacemarine heads/skelletons or barrels, that look out of the water.

The problem is, I dont find a good tutorial for a whole base with swamp, where the miniature is standing inside the water.
I have created some test bases (picture 1 and 2) with "vallejo still water" for this purpose. But i got some problems, the water evaporated in the first attempt from 5mm to 1mm. And i got some big waves (like you see in the pictures) on the second attempt, where i used 7+mm of still water and dried the bases with a hair blower. -I would like little waves, like they come from marching in water-
Im also not sure about my color scheme for the bases.

Could you give me some hints for a better swamp base / colour scheme (in consideration to my army color scheme (picture 3/4))? Or general advise for my army painting itself? As I am a new-be :)

I also started a topic for this question on a german Forum: click!

Big thanks for any help, and happy painting!


My answer: 

Unfortanetly we did not do a swamp base tutorial on our own so far :/
 But future might change that :)

If you like the figure placed in the water I recommand to you the beveled bases from Secret Weapons, with those bases you can easily create the theme you like. Also the water thing might work more easier. For creating the waves I recommand this article to you: click! (sorry only german)

When painting swamp I would first google the topic itself, to see which colours, vegetations and athmosphere is transported in the following pictures. With that in mind you can analyse which direction your bases can go.

I hope my thoughts can help you!


Ivo asks via mail:

"Hi Roman
i was just wondering about these new citadel paints. Especially the Layering ones and so I thought you could give me an advice. I paint mostly with old Citadel paints and some Vallejo but the Layering range is what troubles me a bit. I've watched several video reviews on them and frankly everybody seems to have different experience. From one of the videos it appears that the Layering range is too thin to make a solid basecoat in one go and another one says that they doesnt¨have to be thinned to make an opaque coverage. Where is the truth? Are they pre-thinned to some sort of ration? I haven't tried them yet and your opinion would help me to decide if I should spend my money or not.
Thank You
My answer: 
Hah! Damn, I got the same problem here, still painting with a lot of old ones of Citadel and many Model Colours. I have around 4 layering colours of the new range and did not face any problems so far. If you have the feeling they are too thin here is a little trick for you. Just put some on your thumb and let it dry for half a minute, then you can work with a thicker colour. As I am not really used to the new range I can not really help you there. My recommandation is: Try and error and make your own experience grow. Don't buy too much as you are not sure on how to work with them, get 3~4, so did I and I will try and error and decide then.

So far from today's Painting Jam ...
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

Want to sent a cup of coffee to the jungle?


by Roman aka jar

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... some beats from Bamberg, Germany :)

MV Studio Quest - part 2

by Roman aka jar

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We told you about our actual and unusual contest we have running.
Read the rules and what it is all about here!

This posting is part two of the quest, more will follow ...
Every post consists of two photos from strange angles ... enjoy and draw yourself to your Jungle Surprise box - one hint/tip: first you should try to sketch the whole room to place objects later on ... let's see what you can do with those two photos of today:

Games Day Ticket Winner! - Reminder

by Roman aka jar

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This reminder should remind Lister to answer the jungle call as he has one the ticket for Games Day Germany 2013. If he is not responding in the next week, I will draw another winner :/


Hello beautiful people,

many of you took part in our little competition to win a free Games Day Ticket for the german Games Day, in August in Cologne. Your task was to tell us why you urgently want to win it and we decided to give it to the best answer. You can see the competition and the answers here.

Thanks to everyone who took part - we really enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas and plans. Sadly we were not able to choose a winner as your answers were all so good. We did not expect such enourmous and emotional answers at all. We decided to take everyone from the comments and use random.org to give away the ticket. And ...



Please write an email to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com with the title "free Games Day ticket" and hand me over your postal adress.

So far,
we still hope that we will see many of you there in Cologne!

A Necron with a story

by Roman aka jar

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Hello colourful people,

this is definatly a Necron with a story.
I name him RXU-721 and here is his story:

Peter once had this Necron sprue and he was so nice and gave one to me and to Raffa.
After half a year, last week exactly I was searching for a very figure I could do very quick to enjoy some fast pace painting moments. I choose that Necron and after preparing the legs, the weapon and the head I realised that the two body parts I took from Peter were back torso pieces ... FAIL!

Peter was so gentle to give me another front piece and I was happy like a little boy, prepared the parts and started glueing the figure. Then I realized that I lost one arm somewhere and while Peter was visiting he did not bring the whole sprue, only the torso piece. Searching for a lot of minutes did not bring me the arm so I decided to just leave it gone ... but then I thought that weapon is pretty heavy and the poor robotnecron-Arm could not handle it anymore - I also failed on the gaming base so I used a base which I did during a painting class, it was already painted so all was set ... So this is the story of RXD-721. A story full of fails by me but with a happy ending ... I call that happy creating without too much worries :D

Games Workshop, 28 mm

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

Picture Time

by Bene aka Benji

Posted by "Bene (Benji)"

Hey Everyone, 
As my first post was only text and not very colorful, I want to change it now and show you some of my works from the past. So this time there will be mainly pictures :-).

I wish you much fun watching them !

Svenja, the Shieldmaiden
Red Box Games, 28mm 

Don´t fear the colour
Hasslefree, 28mm

Andrea Miniatures, 54mm

Yvander Halfblood
Red Box Games, 28mm

Yodleur des Cascades
Jmd Miniatures

And a sculpt: 

I wish you a nice friday evening ;). 


T-Shirt Day 2013!

by Raffa

Hey everyone!

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet,
Make you want to move your dancing feet!
And it's time to get out your t-shirts again!

We want to help you to get a new, cool shirt for your collection... and so you can get free shipping in our  
Massive Voodoo Wear shop only today! And yes, it's free shipping to every location!

Just enter the coupon code "tday2013" as a coupon in your shopping cart and while you are there, check out our new shirts for this summer!

You can choose your own favorite shirt color...  
now what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Best wishes,

Welcome To The Jungle, the musical!

by Val

Hey Jungle!

Yeah! Big day today!
The Apes asked me to come play in the jungle with them, take part of the Massive Voodoo Mad n’Magic Special Moves. :-)
It’s just a big honour, and “from the depths of my heart” ;-) I am just very happy of taking part.
I know most of the apes, some of them for years now, and they just all are both kind and gifted. I can’t even picture a better painting home and family. :) 
The stuff done in this so crazy and welcoming place called Massive Voodoo is just so awesome and special. I hope to bring in both some french UND feminine touch in there, but more important, something personal! Show stuff, share impressions and links sometimes maybe, mini related. But MORE IMPORTANT, hula hoop a little, banana style! Hehe :P

Ok now. I know this is sooo easy, but you have to forgive me, this is one of my favorite teenage rock band, and I just can’t resist :D

Wonderfully 80’s, right ? :D a lot of “souvenirs” :-) 
I love this song. Gift for the apes and all the monkeys around!

…Ah right… here comes the time when I have to tell a few things about me, isn’t it? (arf…*blush* ^^ )

OK. Well… I came to know minis because of my ex boyfriend, who was playing Warhammer for a long time. I never got interested in playing, it’s really not my thing, but as I always got interested in creating, like drawing, building, painting and sculpting, I got interested in painting minis.
During an occupational retraining something like 3 years ago maybe, I made a try at it to see, as I was having more time for me.
I begun by participating to a Games Day in France, to give me a goal and a dead line. A big one, involving several minis, conversions and painting. It was a lot of work!! :D And the results got very encouraging. So I decided to go on... I went to other painting events, then even more, begun to meet more and more people from everywhere, and abroad, and so on… And even if it’s slightly more calm now, compared to some time ago, I never really stopped since! 
After, I also made my first experiences in sculpting, and I just-DO-like it-A LOT also!

Maybe this here after will sound familiar to the ones who share this hobby with me… :-)  I’d like to share with you what I personally do like on the mini hobby, as I think it’s the better way to really present myself:

Sculpting/painting is a big source of joy and happiness for me. It calms me down, gets me out of everyday life, permits me to dream awaken, to build out some tiny, but still nicely exciting projects for the future, and it’s one of the few activities which really permits me to reconnect with myself. I really need those periods of calm, when I have nothing else to think or care than those tiiiiny tiiiny little few centimeters or even millimetres I’m working on :D …I think I could do that for hours... And I did, many times, in fact!
Sometimes it's hard to get back at my painting desk, when I've not seated there for a while, but just after  begining again I always tell myself: but why the fuck did I stop??!!

I won a lot, for me, personally, thanks to this hobby. And it took a quite big space in my life.
I can be very patient and strong-willed when I want the ideas I have in mind to become real. And like many of you reading me right now I suppose, ideas are really really not what I’m lacking of. For sure not!!! UNFORTUNATELY. :D ahahah.
It’s so great to see your mini finished. The way you wanted. When you look at it and you just feel… ah.. satisfied. :) 
Most of the time I come to get what I wanted, and more or less the way I imagined it. And when not, or not compleeetely, then I take it as an experience for next time! And “level up” anyway ;-)

Last but not least, I also met a lot of great, talented, funny, nice, crazy, strange, interesting persons thanks to mini. And even a few times, all of that in the same person! ahahah
And all of this really is a great experience. :) 

Here it is.

SO : very happy to be here, big banana smile to all of you, I put here after a few pics of minis I’ve done by the past for the curious ones, and to finish, I will just quote what’s written in my travel painting box, thanks to the MV stickers:


CU soon, jungle lovers!

Raffa's Work in Progress - June #2

by Raffa

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Hey everyone,

another small work in progress post of this month...

I did some sculpting the last days, but did forget to take a photo of it ... so there is only one photo of a figure that I started yesterday. I wanted to try out some NMM in a different way that I usually paint it (if you can call this sporadic use of NMM "usually").

Without much words... let's get to the point ;)

I'm quite happy with the result so far. It's not very clean, but the metallic effect starts to work :)

Have a nice evening!