Into the Fray!

by Raffa

Posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Hey ho dear readers!

Another figure done! And not any figure... it has been quite some time since I painted one and the same figure two or more times. But with this figure, one of my own releases of Forged Monkey, this is the second time I painted it and two more times are in progress/planned....

One more Chosen will be painted in red and one more will be painted in .... I honestly don't know right now! :)

But anyway, as it's a very fun sculpt to paint it's not a big deal!

Here's the second version that was painted to show all the different head and gear options that come with this sculpt.

Into the Fray!

Hope you like this version! You can see the first version in this post.
And while were are already here... a small sneak peak to the next version that I'm painting right now:

Have a nice day!


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