The new Monkey arrived in the Jungle

by Bene aka Benji

Hello Everyone,

as Roman told you some days ago, Massive Voodoo has a new monkey in the jungle.

I guess some of you already know me, others won´t so I want to write a little introduction with some information about me.

Ok let´s start with the easy things, my nickname on the internet is Benji, my real name is Benedikt, but most people just call me Bene. At the moment I´m 21 years old and i´m a student in a studies program which combines computer sciences and design.

The story how I got to miniature painting is pretty generic I think. I started around 10 years ago with playing the Lord of the Rings tabletop system and I painted my gaming miniatures since the first day. Very soon I realized  that it can be also much fun to convert miniatures and get them a bit closer to your own imagination. But after three years of playing tabetop games I had enough of that hobby for the first. So I didn´t do anything miniature related for around three more years.
Then, after that time my interest in miniatures came back as I was surfing randomly on the internet and found some nicely painted armies which brought me back to brushes and colors and miniatures. As the interest in painting miniatures grew bigger, the interest in playing with them became less. So I focussed on painting techniques and getting better in miniature painting.
After a while I think it was 2010 I found this blog which was a huge inspiration for me at this time and brought me even more into painting miniatures and building little scenes with them. But it also wakened my interest in arts and its creative forms.
Then, in 2011 I took part in one of Romans beginner classes and as this class wasn´t near my home they were so kind to take me with them in the car, although they didn´t really know me, we only met once or twice before. So this was the time where we got to know each other better and it was the start of a good friendship I don´t want to miss anymore. Since then we paint pretty often together and I try to be with them in the studio as often as I can.

So much about my story how I got to paint those tiny figures. Beside painting I love also to sculpt miniatures which I started around 2 years ago. Other interests of me are drawing, photography and sports like snowboarding or skateboarding, which I unfortunately did way too less in the last months.

That´s it about me for the moment, now I´m looking forward to share the experiences with you I already gathered and the ones I will gather, also I want to share from time to time stuff which I think is inspiring and of course I will share the miniatures I paint or sculpt.

Best Regards



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