Studio Quest Win a 'Jungle Surprise Box!'

by Roman aka jar

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Ready your pencils ...
it is about time to get our readers (yes, you!!) active again!

We have a little game for you and you are invited to play with us and get the chance to win a MV Jungle Surprise box. A woot? Yes, let me explain about this box which is filled with stuff that makes your working table and you happy:

The Jungle surprise box contains:

- a painted figure by Roman - an evil Skeleton Warrior, click!
- Brekk, the Lion; Forged Monkey bust
- a special Forged Monkey sculpt
- sandbags by Juweela
- bricks by Juweela
- cool Forged Monkey Dayglow colours
- different vibrant Vallejo colours
- candy

One of you can win this (totally for free, no shipping cost), but we are not doing this the random style this time: You got to do something for it.

What you got to do?
We want to take you on a journey through our studio and made many weird photos of it, found strange places and show you every corner. The photos will appear in the upcoming next week. Always two of them in one post.

Your task is: Draw a bird's view sketch of the room while we show more and more photos and show us where everything is placed. In the end you have to sent your picture to
jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com so we can draw the best mirror of our studio.

If there are some entries which are close to eachother we might ask where something specific is placed in the studio, so keep your eyes open.

People who have visited our studio are excluded from this quest. Sorry, ladies and gentleman but there will be other quests for you in the marvellours future of MV quests.

Everybody else can be in, but you have to be a follower on our blog or a follower on our facebook page. If you got questions, please let me know via comments on this post.

Ready your pencils now, sharpen your blades, light up your torch, 
we are soon entering the dungeon ...


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