Raffa's Work in Progress - June #1

by Raffa

posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Hey everyone,

today I will start a new category of posts of myself. Roman does this for quite some time now and I love the idea, so I will just jump right in!

Just some nice tune to get into the mood :) (electronic music)

What's on my painting table at the moment?

Another on of the "Chosen of the Bull" figures in the final stage.
Some highlights and final effects like blood and dirt are still missing.
I'm quite happy how the red armor has turned out... red is not the easiest color to paint and there are a million ways of doing it. I think the red armor works pretty well with the paint coming off at some more used areas.

This figure will be the reward for the first prize in the soon-to-be-announced Forged Monkey painting contest :)

I love my work space :)

Another work in progress... the Barbarian Dude as a giant slayer (ok, ok, I know... this idea has almost been used too often). Still missing a lot of painting, but after almost going crazy with the barbarians skin I reworked large areas of it and now I am kinda happy with it.
The giant's head was sculpted from Uro/Super Sculpey mix in two stages (teeth and basic skull layout first, then the rest).

That's it so far...

See you next time!


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