Welcome To The Jungle, the musical!

by Val

Hey Jungle!

Yeah! Big day today!
The Apes asked me to come play in the jungle with them, take part of the Massive Voodoo Mad n’Magic Special Moves. :-)
It’s just a big honour, and “from the depths of my heart” ;-) I am just very happy of taking part.
I know most of the apes, some of them for years now, and they just all are both kind and gifted. I can’t even picture a better painting home and family. :) 
The stuff done in this so crazy and welcoming place called Massive Voodoo is just so awesome and special. I hope to bring in both some french UND feminine touch in there, but more important, something personal! Show stuff, share impressions and links sometimes maybe, mini related. But MORE IMPORTANT, hula hoop a little, banana style! Hehe :P

Ok now. I know this is sooo easy, but you have to forgive me, this is one of my favorite teenage rock band, and I just can’t resist :D

Wonderfully 80’s, right ? :D a lot of “souvenirs” :-) 
I love this song. Gift for the apes and all the monkeys around!

…Ah right… here comes the time when I have to tell a few things about me, isn’t it? (arf…*blush* ^^ )

OK. Well… I came to know minis because of my ex boyfriend, who was playing Warhammer for a long time. I never got interested in playing, it’s really not my thing, but as I always got interested in creating, like drawing, building, painting and sculpting, I got interested in painting minis.
During an occupational retraining something like 3 years ago maybe, I made a try at it to see, as I was having more time for me.
I begun by participating to a Games Day in France, to give me a goal and a dead line. A big one, involving several minis, conversions and painting. It was a lot of work!! :D And the results got very encouraging. So I decided to go on... I went to other painting events, then even more, begun to meet more and more people from everywhere, and abroad, and so on… And even if it’s slightly more calm now, compared to some time ago, I never really stopped since! 
After, I also made my first experiences in sculpting, and I just-DO-like it-A LOT also!

Maybe this here after will sound familiar to the ones who share this hobby with me… :-)  I’d like to share with you what I personally do like on the mini hobby, as I think it’s the better way to really present myself:

Sculpting/painting is a big source of joy and happiness for me. It calms me down, gets me out of everyday life, permits me to dream awaken, to build out some tiny, but still nicely exciting projects for the future, and it’s one of the few activities which really permits me to reconnect with myself. I really need those periods of calm, when I have nothing else to think or care than those tiiiiny tiiiny little few centimeters or even millimetres I’m working on :D …I think I could do that for hours... And I did, many times, in fact!
Sometimes it's hard to get back at my painting desk, when I've not seated there for a while, but just after  begining again I always tell myself: but why the fuck did I stop??!!

I won a lot, for me, personally, thanks to this hobby. And it took a quite big space in my life.
I can be very patient and strong-willed when I want the ideas I have in mind to become real. And like many of you reading me right now I suppose, ideas are really really not what I’m lacking of. For sure not!!! UNFORTUNATELY. :D ahahah.
It’s so great to see your mini finished. The way you wanted. When you look at it and you just feel… ah.. satisfied. :) 
Most of the time I come to get what I wanted, and more or less the way I imagined it. And when not, or not compleeetely, then I take it as an experience for next time! And “level up” anyway ;-)

Last but not least, I also met a lot of great, talented, funny, nice, crazy, strange, interesting persons thanks to mini. And even a few times, all of that in the same person! ahahah
And all of this really is a great experience. :) 

Here it is.

SO : very happy to be here, big banana smile to all of you, I put here after a few pics of minis I’ve done by the past for the curious ones, and to finish, I will just quote what’s written in my travel painting box, thanks to the MV stickers:


CU soon, jungle lovers!


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