Raffa's Work in Progress - June #3

by Raffa

posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Hey everyone,

again, it's time for some work in progress updates as we recently had a nice painting night!

At the moment I am working on several projects at a time...

First is the Barbarian Dude for the Legio Pictorum contest. I really had a very hard time on the start of this figure, I even thought about quitting... but:

“If you quit ONCE it becomes a habit. Never quit!”
― Michael Jordan

So I started almost completely over with the skin of the dude. Here is what I got so far:

Still some stuff to do... but slowly I am moving toward the end.

Another project that I just started recently is a Red Box Games figure. I wanted to try out some non metallic metal... and somehow it turned into a project that will demand some more work, especially the base.
On the first three photos you can see the actual progress... still pretty early, only a quick sketch of the skin, the metal and cloak is somehow a bit further in the progress. This figure was mainly started for training. NMM and freehand training is my focus as I didn't do a lot of it recently.

The base was very much fun so far. You can see a work in progress of the construction on the last photo. The wooden construction is almost done at this point and I can continue with the landscape.

The last project I want to show today is a bust that is really sitting in my cabinet for quite a while now! It was the first project where I stripped color and finally it's coming closer and closer to an end.
I can't explain why, but somehow I really paint a lot of NMM lately. maybe it's the control that I like so much about it... or the effect... but anyway. This bust was really demanding so far.

That's almost everything I'm working on at the moment... except the stuff that I don't want to show like new Forged Monkey sculpts, hehe :D

I hope you like the progress so far!


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