Xin Long Pen, huànxiǎng zhànshì

by Roman aka jar

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Hello wanderer, 
let me tell you the legend of Xin Long Pen,

Xin, how he was called on the first day of his life grew up in a small chinese village,
close to the river Lei. His father was a blacksmith and with the age of two he learned to hold a blade.

During a night full with rain, Xin suddenly woke up because of screams down from the streets. The four year old boy ran outside and saw the whole village burning. He saw burning shadows hunting and killing men. When he reached his father's blacksmith he saw his parents dead on the ground and reached for his fathers sword. From a dark shadow his grandma appeared and told little Xin that he should rather run and hide as this is the end of all times, the demons of the ten hells are roaming the world. But Xin stood his ground as he was meant to be the chosen one from the day he was born. He drove the burning shadows out of his village, followed those who fleed, meet several grandmasters during his travels, learned to use ice and water magic and went all the way down to the ten hells to fight until the demons are no more ...

This is what the legend of Xin says ...
the little boy with the blade, the Chosen One, the one eternal warrior ...

... but sometimes Xin wakes up from his daydreams and all he did in the last months was playing a computer game!

Conversion from Forged Monkey's "Chosen of the Bull".

Xin Long Pen, huànxiǎng zhànshì
Conversion from Forged Monkey, 54 mm


 Xin on Putty&Paint
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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