A Necron with a story

by Roman aka jar

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Hello colourful people,

this is definatly a Necron with a story.
I name him RXU-721 and here is his story:

Peter once had this Necron sprue and he was so nice and gave one to me and to Raffa.
After half a year, last week exactly I was searching for a very figure I could do very quick to enjoy some fast pace painting moments. I choose that Necron and after preparing the legs, the weapon and the head I realised that the two body parts I took from Peter were back torso pieces ... FAIL!

Peter was so gentle to give me another front piece and I was happy like a little boy, prepared the parts and started glueing the figure. Then I realized that I lost one arm somewhere and while Peter was visiting he did not bring the whole sprue, only the torso piece. Searching for a lot of minutes did not bring me the arm so I decided to just leave it gone ... but then I thought that weapon is pretty heavy and the poor robotnecron-Arm could not handle it anymore - I also failed on the gaming base so I used a base which I did during a painting class, it was already painted so all was set ... So this is the story of RXD-721. A story full of fails by me but with a happy ending ... I call that happy creating without too much worries :D

Games Workshop, 28 mm

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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