Kong's WIP thoughts - June #03

by Roman aka jar

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I got not much to tell as these days are filled with regeneration from our book campaign and and three painting classes every two weeks. Madness, but I love to see the students eyes grow on every class!!

Right now we are preparing the MV booth at Games Day Germany 2013 and I can tell there will be many of us there! Hope to see you soon in August!

This is the last call for your free Games Day ticket - would be great if you just could say "Hi, I don't need it anymore/ or I want it badly!" or something like that - helps me organising that stuff. Tomorrow I will give it away randomly to one of the other people who commented for it.

What's on my workbench?
One Painting class demonette, which is mostly finished. Maybe I finish her up, maybe not. I have learnt from last years painting class to not start big personal projects on a class as afterwards I am always getting sad of not finding the time to finish them properly. So the decision was made, I paint the workshop figure again and believe me I know those ladies by heart :D

One student of last weekend's class in Erlangen (Review will follow soon!) did the class a second time and he brought the old HeroQuest evil sorcerer as his weekend figure. We both were joking around that he looks so much like Skeletor from He-Man and guess what he painted? I asked him if he would do an exchange figure with me. I asked for the HeroQuest Barbarian, which arrived yesterday. I did spent one hour so far on him but I think he will be super-epic-cool in the end ... but I just realised I did not made any photos yet :/

I did made photos of another project of mine.
I can't tell you much right now, only that it is really getting huge and epic.

So far from the Kong's table ... read you in the future!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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