Tutorial - Blood Drops

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa happy painters,

this article can be seen as an addition to the big blood and splatter tutorial we have in our library:

Pure gore in here, always keep in mind that less is more.

This article will show you how you can easily add some more tiny detail to your gore work. The technique explained here might not be something new to some of you, but for those who don't know it yet it might come handy. First, let me tell you what you need to use this technique:

One hair ... if you got none, steal it ninja-like:

Don't lose it or you got to put your ninja skills again to test. You will also need the colour Tamyia clear Red, a hobby knife, superglue plus an old brush. Not to forget a figure which is close to finish where you want to add the following technique. Take that hair on a place where you can see it well.

Choose the spot on your figure/base where you want to place the dripping blood. In my case you can imagine the scene after a massive bar brawl, blood splatters everywhere, fresh and still wet ... I want some blood drops here:
As you all know from gravity rules, the blood drops down in a straight line. For this I have to find the right piece of hair. I use my hobby knife to cut it in the marked area and cut this piece to smaller pieces.

Now I use my superglue to add the hair pieces to the spots I want some blood dropping from, for example at his weapon hand too. I am using a toothpick to put a small dot of superglue at the area, use the toothpick again for picking up the small hair pieces and use the toothpick again to place them as I want to:

Done that on the wood piece too ... ups, unsharp photo:
 A sharp one follows:
Now I use some superglue, take it up with my toothpick and add a little dot of it to the lower part of the hair, you can make this dot bigger by repeating the procedure:

The last step goes from waiting until the superglue is dry to painting the hair with blood colour, for example the one from Tamyia, Clear Red. I won't show you the result right now, as I want you to have the rewarding moment too but I think soon I will be able to show the final photos of the figure used in this article.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts, always remember don't overdo your gore effects as it often can look unfitting to a figure. It depends on your scene, on your story you tell, on the figure and on your personal taste.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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