Eldar Rune Prophet

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa jungle people,

another figure finished from my table.
Nothing too fency, rather fast but as you might have recognized in the past weeks Raffa told you about a figure exchange on the german forum tabletopwelt.de.

Very funny is that there is a list of names, which will be randomly set to order and you have to paint a figure for the person above you, while the person below you paints one for you.

It was a lot of fun. I did recieve an Eldar Rune Prophet in white metal and painted him in my regular gaming quality. There was no colour scheme I had to take care of so the colour did rise by themselves ... hope you like him!

Eldar Rune Prophet
Games Workshop, 28 mm

(man, what happened to
 this photo down here!!)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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