MV-Team: Kilian

by Kilian

Name: Kilian aka Qraith

Job: Mechanical Engineer for Turbo Chargers and Electronics

Started around 2002 - after a long break I'm back and committed since 2018

Mostly Scalecolor and some GW paints

Raphael 8404

: Harder&Steenbeck Evolution Silverline - but I'm not good at it.

Star Wars Legion - I'm a huge Star Wars Nerd

Inspirational Miniature Artists
: Roman & Josua, Scott Walter (Miniac), Dave Colwell, Marko Miladinovic & Aleksandra Cvetanovski (craftworldstudio)


Count Dooku - Star Wars Legion

Hello Jungle,

my name is Kilian and I'm the new guy here on Massive Voodoo. I feel honored to be on this blog that so many outstanding painters have shaped over many, many years. It feels like a dream come true!

I first came into contact with miniature war gaming back when I was 12, when my brother brought home a box of Chaos Beastmen Gors from Warhammer Fantasy 4th or 5th edition. I loved the miniatures and the boxart but at that age I was just too lazy to get into something like that. At 16 a couple of guys started playing Warhammer Fantasy and I decided to give it a shot. It was 6th edition, and Dark Elves were my jam. I think I never finished more than 5 models or so because I was not patient enough and comparing my job to the boxart it just looked ridiculous. Eventually the group broke up, and I focused on other hobbies during my studies and the years to come.

I found back to miniatures with two board games, Descent 2 Journeys in the Dark and Star Wars Imperial Assault. I loved these narrative type of games and so I started painting miniatures again. This was also the time when I took my first beginner workshop with Roman and he freed me of my mind shackles that had been sucessfully established by Games Workshop.

My painting really took off in 2018 when the Clone Wars starter for Star Wars Legion was released. I am a gamer at heart. I played X-Wing competetively a ton, but Legion was always too much time invest due to painting. (and the model quality was also not that great) But with Clone Wars it all changed. Hard plastic miniatures that could stand up to GW and Clone Wars, with which I grew up. I was hooked!

I am mostly an army painter. I paint to play with the stuff I paint. Nonetheless I strive for the best result I can achieve within a reasonable amount of time, given the unit size. I have also dapped my toes into diorama painting, but I do enjoy it more, if I can play with the mini later on. 

Kit bashed B1 Battle Droids

B2 Super Battle Droids

AAT, STAP Riders & Dwarf Spider Droid

After a couple of additional Beginner Workshops and private coachings with Roman I feel like I am in the middle of my painting journey. I hope that I can provide some useful tutorials for how I paint and what my thought process is.

I also want to start hands-on teaching like Roman does. I share his teaching vision, principles and thoughts on how painting content is created and consumed nowadays. I am not nearly as experienced of course, but I feel, I gathered enough information and skill so that I can share it with other painters and help them on their journey.

Miniature painting is my passion and an expression of my soul. I hope that I can share that with you all!



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