MV-Team: Andy

by Andy

Name: Andreas aka Andy

Job: Specialist for particle analysis

Painting: wargaming since early 2000 and display painting since 2013

Media: acrylics, gouache and aquarelle. Mostly heavy body Schmincke, Lascaux and Golden; Inks by Liquitex. Sometimes I use Vallejo and Scale colors but mainly their metallic paints. Gouache and aquarelle colors for tinting. 

Brushes: Windsor&Newton Series 7, sizes 0, 1 and 2 for most jobs and some no-name brushes for different topics like priming, base coating, wet-in-wet stuff and so on. One of my most loved brushes is a no-name one – it gives me freedom to slap paint without taking to much care about details.

Airbrush: H&S Evolution and H&S Ultra

Miniatures: I’m totally into sci-fi, modern, cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic stuff in every scale from busts to miniatures.

Sculpting: Now and then I sculpt traditionally and digitally but its more trial-and-error than anything showable… anyway I show it :D

Inspirational Miniature Painters: Roman Lappat, Alfonso Giraldes, Jeremie Bonamant, Josua Lai, Arnau Lazaro, Sergio Calvo, Trent Denison, Richard Sharp, Dmitry Fesechko, Alex Varela, David Soper

Inspirational Miniature sculptors: Raffaele Picca, Romain van den Bogaert, Lucas Pina, Allan Carrasco 

Gallery: putty&paint – not always up to date

Hello everyone, it’s a new guy in town!

My name is Andreas. I’m living near Nuremberg, Bavaria.

I’m on and off approximately 25 years into the hobby and started, like most of us, with wargaming. I first came into contact with Warzone in the mid-90s, followed by a break for a few years. My best friend came up with the idea of Warhammer 40k back in the early 2000’s. I had no idea what he was talking about and had no idea what was coming towards me… 
I thought to give it a try and ended up with a 4000 points Necron army, followed by 2500 points Space Orks and 1500 points Sororitas (formerly known as witch hunters). We also had a small excursion to fantasy where I started chaos barbarians but they never saw the table. In general, it was building gray models and gaming - painting was necessary but more or less a pain in the a$$ for me. Think about a Leman Russ hits the spot and you take out a handful of Ork-Boyz… naaa, it hurts to paint them.


Years went on and we did less gaming, so painting was the only hobby-related activity and the grey pile of shame was still huge. I took the chance to attend the beginner workshop with Roman in 2013 and I was hooked for more painting. I repainted my Necron army entirely with airbrush and changed the painting process of the Orks for more efficiency. (Both Armies got sold several years later without ever seeing the table again)

One of the first models I've painted after private coaching

In 2014, after a private coaching with Roman and Raffa, my focus changed from army painting to single models and the way to cabinet painting was set up. Over the years I attended many classes, e.g. with Roman or Banshee, and the joy of painting remains until today.

Painting miniatures is a very relaxing activity to me. I really enjoy getting lost in time and space while putting paint on busts or build little stories around models. I’m always telling the story to friends of a Wednesday evening several years ago when I just wanted to paint an hour and ended up looking at the clock at half past one in the morning totally shocked where the time has gone. I like the flow of creative energy. 
I’m a less structured guy than some of the other MV-Members, my process is often chaotic, wild and plans about projects evolve while working on them. 

Examples of chaotic works from first idea to finished piece:

My creative energies work the same way, like in waves of high output and calm times. I always try new things on projects just to keep my interest alive. Sometimes there are good results… sometimes not and I do my best to fix it ;)

In the future I’ll try to bring you some step-by-steps and other detailed articles about my projects, also some hobby-hacks and maybe some crafty stuff ;)

I’m very pleased to be a member of Massive Voodoo and thankful for the invitation - was some kind of secret wish since my hobby beginnings.

See you around!

MV Seminar Workshop Roadmap 2021

by Roman aka jar


Hey jungle painters,

it is about time: Time for the long awaited restart for us with workshops and seminars. After all these pandemic months we are very happy to announce seminars again and looking forward to welcome you for your personal learning experience.

All of the seminars in 2021 will be held in Augsburg, Germany.
in 2021 Roman will not travel to teach seminars

Roman's teaching curriculum/all workshops explained:

You can find this roadmap linked up
to the right navigation bar of Massive Voodoo :)

This roadmap is always under construction.

Every Seminar has an informational PDF to it to inform you about its content. Everything you need to know for enrollment. As soon as you are enrolled further communications will happen via email on the specific seminar.

Reviews on Seminars
- get to know what is coming at you:

Beginner Workshops
Advanced Workshops

Special Seminars (OSL, Basing, Speedpainting, Material, etc.)


Important Covid-19 Information:

All workshops will use a hygene concept at place (regular ventilation of rooms, masks, hand disenfection, etc.). Please bring your FFP-2 mask. At your place you do not have to wear it. Your seminar instructor is fully vacczined already. Please make sure that you are fully vacczined, bring confirmation (vaccination certificate) or bring a negative test with you for the start of the seminar. If, by chance, the seminar has to be cancelled due Covid-19 goverment restrictions you will either recieve a voucher or your full money back for these workshops. Unfortanetely students who already own a voucher from postponed seminars of 2020 do not have the possibility for money returns.

1. How do I sign in?
Read the PDF linked to the workshop you want to take part in. Write an email to jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com, Roman will put you on the list of the workshop and will keep you informed abbout everything. Roman will confirm your email and sign up as soon as possible.

2. When do I have to pay for the participation?
Roman sends you the payment information usually 2-3 months prior to the start of the workshop with a final payment date about one month prior to the workshop.

3. What if, due Covid-19 official restrictions, the workshop can not happen or I can not take part due personal Covid-19 issues?
All situations connected with Covid-19 development and issues have to following plans, either:
- You can get your full money back
- You can have a voucher for the workshop you signed in and take another one later
- Students who already got a voucher from 2020's cancelled workshops can, unfortanetely are not able to get the refund

To be continued ....


Roadmap 2020 overview   
 Red are upcoming seminars, green are the ones in the past.
Check for the reviews on the green ones.

You can find so far enrolled student numbers behind the seminars.
All seminars in Augsburg will take place as soon as we got up to ten students!

Second half of 2021____________________

Augsburg, Germany
// 18th September 2021  1 Day Speedpainting Masterclass
german language - 4/15 Waiting List: 0 - Information PDF 

Augsburg, Germany

// 19th September 2021 1 day Object Source Light Masterclass (OSL)

german language - 2/15
Waiting List: 0 - Information PDF

Augsburg, Germany
// 1st October - 3rd October 2021 3 day Beginner Workshop

german language - 5/28
Waiting List: 0 - Information PDF

Augsburg, Germany
// 23rd October - 24th October 2021  2 day Skintone Masterclass

german language - 8/16 Waiting List: 0 - Information PDF

Augsburg, Germany
// 19th November - 21st November 2021  3 day Beginner Workshop
german language - 3/28 Waiting List: 0 - Information PDF

Augsburg, Germany
// 3rd December - 5th December 2021  3 day Advanced Workshop
german language - 7/16 Waiting List: 0 - Information PDF


Jar's Beginner Painting Class
Instructor: Roman Lappat

This MV class gives you insight into Roman's way of painting and basing, his thoughts, the background of his inspiration and a lot of fun and happy painting. This class aims at beginners and advanced painters, but also pros are welcome. More Information on MV's Jar's Beginners class?


Jar's Advanced Painting Class
Instructor: Roman Lappat

The follow up class to Roman's famous MV's Jar's Beginners Class. You want to go deeper? Here is the place to learn. Main topic: Atmosphere! Intense study on technique, light/shadow, skintones, the color black, the color white and much more! Information?

Jar's Basing Class
Instructor: Roman Lappat

In this MV class Roman takes you deeper into basing. No gaming bases. What makes a good display base? Learn more about composition rules you can put to use while basing, learn different focused material aspects on the subject: "After the postapocalypse, nature returns". More information ...


Jar's Skintone & Faces Masterclass
Instructor: Roman Lappat

In this two day MV masterclass Roman takes you deeper into understanding the wide variety on painting skintone and faces. After these two days you will never dislike your results in this topic as Roman shows you the magic that is behind a natural and convincing skintone. More Information!


Jar's Material Masterclass
Instructor: Roman Lappat
This is an in depth two day seminar that takes you deep into understanding many different materials, to analyze them and extract their properties into your painting work. Most important in this class are the questions: "Why?" and "How?". This seminar will help you step forward big time in your knowledge about painting in general and in small scale. More Information!

Jar's Speedpainting Masterclass
Instructor: Roman Lappat
Roman usually does not teach masterclass seminars, but when he does: These seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. In this class it is all about speed, efficency and zombie hordes. More information!

Jar's OSL Masterclass
Instructor: Roman Lappat
Roman usually does not teach masterclass seminars, but when he does: These seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. In this class it is all about light sources from objects and about the "how to" and "why" you can transport these into your projects. More Information!

Jar's Space Marine Masterclass
Instructor: Roman Lappat
Roman usually does not teach masterclass seminars, but when he does: These seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. In this class it is all about the glory of Space Marines. Roman will teach you to convert your own Primaris Marine and shows you all tricks on his disposal on creating epic heroes.


Project diary: 1177 B.C. - 07

by David

Hey all,

welcome to page 7 of my project diary. If you're wondering what this is, please check the announcement post, in which I explain the motivation and general goals of the diary. At the bottom of that post, you will find a link to all parts of this series (constantly updated as soon as new articles are published).

Today focuses on the sea raider's skirt. According to the images, at least some of the sea peoples wore skirts or kilts that were ornated or sawn with multiple panels. While to my knowledge no information on the color of the panels or the lines connecting them has been passed down the three millenia since the sea peoples raided the Mediterranean, I liked those artist renderings that showed the panels in colorful red and blue, divided by lines of white. So, that's where I started - which, of course, had some of my friends (?) jest that he reminded them of an armed pool attendant. Well...

Before I started working on the kilt, however, I did a little bit of darklining along the areas where the kilt and the skin touch. This is an important step, as it makes it easier for the eye to "make sense" of the miniature and its parts - which is particularly important the smaller the scale. Once that was taken care of, including a little touching-up where the darklining went over the lines, I finally started working on the kilt. This started on the basic mid-tone colors I had laid down earlier: VMC Flat Red, Prussian Blue, and Deck Tan as the foundation for the white dividing lines. The little tassles (which are actually documented in the historical sources!!!) also received the red basic color.

In the process of shading and highlighting I started working on the reds, adding VMC Hull Red for the shadows, and Carmine Red, Bright Orange and some Sunny Skintone for the highlights. Again, I went back and forth, shading, highlighting, cleaning up mid-tones as I went. Once the reds had some "depth" to them, I worked a little on the blues, adding a mix of VMC Old Rose and Ivory for the highlights and some of the Hull Red and finally some black for the shadows. Then, I did some more darklining, and went back to the skin, adding a few glazes of Red over the whole mini to give the skin a little bit more "life". I also darkened our sea raider's feet with a blackish-brown glaze - a friend (who himself is not a mini-painter) suggested that to me noting that a guy running around barefoot all the time will have dirty feet. I always like such kind of detail and greatly appreciate my friends' interest in my hobby-stuff - even though it will most likely not be visible once the basework with all that water-effect is done.

Then it was time for the white parts of the skirt. As noted, I originally started with VMC Deck Tan as a basetone, but I realized that was too "clean" and neutral, and a little too bright for my taste. So I went back to my favorite basecolor for white: VMC Stone Grey, which is a nice light-grey tone with a greenish tint. I first laid down the new basecolor - carefully, so as not to cover too much of the red and blue panels - and then used Scale 75 Black Ink to differentiate the different parts of the white (especially the little piece of string that seems to work as some kind of belt). Then I quickly shaded and highlighted the whites, using some Neutral Grey for the shadows and some Ivory for the highlights. For the final highlights, I added a bit Schmincke Primacryl Titanium White into the Ivory.

And with that, I left the kilt alone for now. Thanks for reading. Next week, my project diary will center on the sea raider's fancy headdress!

As always, if you like what you read or have questions, why not drop me a line in the comments? See you in a bit!

Best, D.

Review: Private Coaching with Felix

by Roman aka jar

Howdy Jungle!

Time for another private coaching review.
You can read more reviews of private coachings here (man, need to update this list).

Recently, Felix was visiting me for a two day session with the goal to learn my painting approach, technical improvements and many tricks on the brush.

me & Felix

We had such relaxed, cool learning days together and Felix made a big step forward. Thank you for being such a cool, calm and kind person. I really enjoyed these two days and I was very happy to make you happy with the coaching. Thank you for your trust in my teaching skills, Felix.

This is Felix result after a two day coaching about atmospheric painting, including focus on true metallic metals, skintone, fabrics and how to combine it all together in harmony:

This is what Felix said about the coaching:

Privat Coaching 3.6.21

"For a long time I thought about taking one of Romans Workshops and when
I nally decided to take one, the whole Covid pandemic crossed my plans.
So no more meetings in groups. After quite some time of lockdowns I nally
took the opportunity and went for a privat coaching.

When I visited Roman in June, I was very excited to learn how to paint
everything I could imagine and I was wondering if I would learn how I should
place my brush strokes precisely to reach those goals.

But this was not entirely the case. He answered all my questions about
regarding technique and what so ever, but that was not the focus of this
coaching. And retrospective I am pretty happy about that. If someone would
have asked me one week later what i had learned i would probably have told
them about the ideas of volumes and materials and how to handle them. All
this is entirely true and i learned a lot about these topics, but now, several
weeks after the coaching, this would not do it justice. I feel like i learned a
new approach to painting that opened my mind and helped me break out of
my painting habits I thought were necessary and mandatory.

Of course I learned Romans approach of painting minis, colorchoices and how
to establish a desired atmosphere for my projects, but the most valuable
lessons I learned from the two days with Roman are studying nature and
real world objects for painting specic things, rather than following strict
recipes and tutorials, and having a more free approach to painting, colors,
and tools/ways to achieve what I want to do."

                                                                                         - Felix


of course we went through tons of theory first and took mostly the second day to paint on the miniature itself.

My plan was to teach Felix to understand and read colors better to answer his own questions easily ...

Thank you for coming, Felix!

Keep on happy painting!


If you want to learn from me
in your very own private coaching session, do not hesitate to contact me for further details via

Write me an email and we can make it work!

If you are interested in a private coaching session or the actual news on workshops, please read:

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FM: Necron Royal Warden

by Roman aka jar



I really liked the pose of this guy and wanted to paint a Necron for a while now.
Really old, gritty and rusted. So I did. Hope you like him! Really enjoyed the weathering on this ancient machine warrior. What do you think?

This miniature is for sale!
Feel invited to check back with my PDF cataloge via

This miniature is for sale!
Feel invited to check back with my PDF cataloge via

Wow! I even found two Work in Progress photos :D
Sorry that I did not take more for explanations.

Basic dark metal color applied with pigments all around
More silver!

So far,
Keep on happy painting!

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