News: Butterfly for Hanna

by Roman aka jar


Hi Jungle,

are you looking for a wonderful little painting contest with a good cause?
Then you are right with this one - created by Peter aka  witnessmyminis

This is what Peter says about the contest:

"*updated* I had planned to do something when I reached 2000 followers, then something happened.

I recently lost my little sister to mental health issues; she had been struggling for a long time with her demons and she was too tired to keep fighting.

This hobby and community have been so important to me during this last year; it has opened its arms for me completely.
And when I was struck with this grief not only was the painting table my zen space, but some of you hobby people reach out with comforting words and helping hands.

I’m running a competition in hopes that I will get beautiful art that I can look back on to remember my sister, and even raise some money to help others that need help like she did.

My sister was very talented artist and creative soul I will add some of here artwork to this post, so you see what I mean. Something she loved to draw was Butterflies hence the theme.

Painting Competition. #ButterflyforHanna
-Any miniature, bust, diorama, etc
-Incorporate a butterfly in the paintjob in someway
-Use the #butterflyforhanna
Please tag me in any wip etc so I can follow the work.
-Deadline 28th of February.

Prize for the winner.*update*
Statue gold , silver and bronze from @romanlappat.miniatureart.

I will donate the price money to Avicii Foundation.
In your name and send the winner a certificate.

- some of you did however want to contribute with a prizes so there will be a raffle between all the participants once we are done .

Anybody that would like to donate also can do so by following the link in my bio. Please be sure to mark it with #butterflyforhanna so we can see the total amount donated after we are done.
Join the discord “the Brush coven” there will be a channel for people of the competition for showing wips..

Please follow my wonderful judges and spread the word.

Thanks in advance and happy painting!"

When I read this I really wanted to help and created these three trophies!

There also will be a Massive Voodoo / Roman Lappat surprise box in the prize raffle!

Keep on happy painting!


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