FM: 1177 B.C. - 1/72

by David

Hey all,

David here :)

welcome back to my little series where I show some projects I finished recently. Today, I am happy to present to you the first (and one of the few) project I finished in 1/72: 1177 B.C..

I will not talk much about this project, here, as I created a very comprehensive step-by-step of how this little vignette of a late Bronze-Age Sea People warrior was conceived, planned, built and painted. If you want to catch up on this, I suggest you click your way through the individual posts of my project diary. The only thing that is left to say for me on this project is that I did not return to the parts I was not super-happy with (the waves and the sword) and left it for good. So, without further ado, here are some more perspectives on the finished project:

Thanks for watching, folks. As always, I am always looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments. Talk to you soon!

Best, D.


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