News: Roman is on etsy now!

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle!

before I start teaching private coachings next week
and finish my holiday I got exciting news for you!

I am on etsy now!

With the plan to bring you fresh,
inspirational and insightful tutorials and step by step PDFs about my miniature artwork.

Why etsy?
Many of my older articles are here on MV's tutorial section and they will stay there for your use and inspiration for free.

To be honest I do not find the time to write many articles for free anymore, just because this job is my daily life. I teach, give lessons in private coachings, weekend workshops, paint miniatures for collectors and much more. The time needed to prepare and publish a large article that gives good insight and explains my processes properly takes a lot of time.

What to expect?

I do have many unpublished step by step articles that are ready to be on etsy, I am preparing new ones at the moment and will also revisite some of my older ones, combine them to a certain topic, will correct language issues and will invest time to explain the content with today's knowledge.

There will be artprints, art postcards and some upcoming 3d files!
Stay tuned!

Right now, these articles are fresh and new:

- The Game of Scale
- Old Barbarian SBS
- The Nightwatch SBS
- Frank von Stein SBS
- more to come!

Thank you for your support!
Roman Lappat Miniature Art on etsy!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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