Kong's WIP thoughts - June #01

by Roman aka jar

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A short look on my WIP table as June arrives with beauty and way too much rain in Germany, can't even take the bike properly :/

Figure-Art Artbooks:
We are finally done with sorting stickers (thanks to Bene and Peter for their powerful help!), recieved the perfect packing material, packed everything carefully, so you will recieve your content undamaged, printed your adress stickers and right now we are just waiting for the post office to tell us a date when they come over to pick up those 900 parcels.

During the latest private coaching I started a cool Barbarian figure from Heresy Miniatures. I always wanted to bring some colour on this guy. Yet, he is definatly not finished. This shot shows him during the class. On the left you can see the "Chosen of the Bull" by Forged Monkey, but a conversion! More about that soon!

A call to answer:
"Painter! I challenge you!!"

The Barbarian went further after the class ...

And a maybe funny or strange photo I found from the latest JMD bust I have painted. Shortly before the blood of battle was thrown at him:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes, 


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