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by Roman aka jar

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Hello jungle visitors,

this time I want to review a very nice private coaching which I had with Dirk aka Barakwolf as the student. Dirk was happy to recieve the private coaching as a birthday gift and we planned our meeting and goals up front the two days of private coaching. Dirk had to prepare his figure at home, did small conversions and arrived with a figure ready to be painted. So we could save some time during the class and concentrate on the painting aspect.

If you are interested in Dirk's personal review you can find it here! (german only)

Sadly, Raffa wasn't able to be at the place as we planned to. He was on the road through Germany during these days due a loss in the family. So it was just Dirk plus me and I was happy to have spent such a cool time together. We both missed Raffa but we had no choice.

As you can see in the first picture Dirk was forced to do a sketch of his figure first, concerning and planning some of the theory parts we talked about during the early hours of the private coaching. Then it was time to move on and prepare the figures for painting with the airbrush and the brush.

Dirk's plans on the demon ranged from getting a cleaner result in his blendings, a better understanding on how to work with a light situation, different material textures, intensyfing his contrasts over to getting a better work order with goals to aim for and much more. This was truely a big list and the first thing I told my student was to calm everything down a bit: We won't be able to finish the whole figure in those two days of painting, but I was able to grant him a big learning time ahead. It is really obvious when giving a private coaching to see how big the individual steps of a painter can be pushed.

After the first shadows and planning other areas our figures looked like this:

We had a little problem with the pins in between and had to repair the demon and find a MacGyver-Solution on how we can quickly work again on him. All done with speedy patience we were soon up to paint again.

Painting all the time, intensing shadows and painting lights ...

The main time on the class was filled with painting at the skin, while understanding and using the theory we talked about. I am definatly proud of my student as he really did well. We then went for some textures on the leather, painted metals, details to the face and more. For sure we made some small breaks during these two days of painting for food and sleep.

My personal favourite moment as an instructor/teacher was: I was asking Dirk if we could go on to the next step in the next couple of minutes and he was like "No, I just  think that the detail light/shadow game here and there should be intensified. You have to wait a little longer, Roman!" - Perfect! I got his eyes were I want them - his own experience level where he can see things clearer while painting, but I also told him this can be the beginning of the end as you can spent years on a figure from now on as you can always find more, more and more ...

After two days of painting our figures looked like this:

Both not totally finished, but as Dirk told me he was really happy on what he took home from the private practice and with that said I was happy too. I am sure I will see Dirk again for some private practice time, but first it is about time to paint. I told him he should definatly stay focues on painting as far as life allows it. 1~2 hours everyday, just doing a small area here or there, helps to get more used to what you do. I hope he will find this time as his figures deserve it!

Dirk, it was my pleasure!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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