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Thanks to Engineer Jeff. 
He did a review on our Artbook that arrives worldwide these days at our campaign backers!

I missed the campaign, but I want one of these books?

We got asked a lot lately from people who weren't aware of the Indigogo campaign, where they can get one of these books. First bad news: Campaign exclusive was the Documentary book, the stickers and the bookmark. Good news: You can get the Figure Art book at retailers in the future. We are in the middle of planning and preparing this. Right now there is only one retailer who got a low number left, check Frank-Miniatures.

As soon we are able the Figure-Art Artbooks will be on Sale. Be aware that we only have a limited number left so make sure you don't miss this news. Keep your eyes open!

Right now we are pretty busy with a lot of organising stuff that we weren't able during finishing the books, so everything might take a while. We ask for your patience. We also plan to write some final thoughts of ours about the campaign in the near future.

Thanks for everybody who helped making this rise!
We hope you like your books?

Best Wishes
Roman & Raffa


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