Painting Jam 29 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar

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It is about time again ...
Painting Jam time - check this link for more FAQs. 
Let's get it on ...


Tac asks via mail:

Im really new to the Warhammer40k and modell-painting Hobby, but i really like it. I found your webside on the search for good tutorials and painting inspiration and Im excited about your work. Especially some of your tutorials are unicque and cool stuff!

Now to my Question:
I want to create a swamp base for my WH40k nurgle-army. My idea was, that they are standing in an ankel-deep pool of rotting or poisonous green or black brackwater. Not on some stones or wood etc.
Maybe there could be some Spacemarine heads/skelletons or barrels, that look out of the water.

The problem is, I dont find a good tutorial for a whole base with swamp, where the miniature is standing inside the water.
I have created some test bases (picture 1 and 2) with "vallejo still water" for this purpose. But i got some problems, the water evaporated in the first attempt from 5mm to 1mm. And i got some big waves (like you see in the pictures) on the second attempt, where i used 7+mm of still water and dried the bases with a hair blower. -I would like little waves, like they come from marching in water-
Im also not sure about my color scheme for the bases.

Could you give me some hints for a better swamp base / colour scheme (in consideration to my army color scheme (picture 3/4))? Or general advise for my army painting itself? As I am a new-be :)

I also started a topic for this question on a german Forum: click!

Big thanks for any help, and happy painting!


My answer: 

Unfortanetly we did not do a swamp base tutorial on our own so far :/
 But future might change that :)

If you like the figure placed in the water I recommand to you the beveled bases from Secret Weapons, with those bases you can easily create the theme you like. Also the water thing might work more easier. For creating the waves I recommand this article to you: click! (sorry only german)

When painting swamp I would first google the topic itself, to see which colours, vegetations and athmosphere is transported in the following pictures. With that in mind you can analyse which direction your bases can go.

I hope my thoughts can help you!


Ivo asks via mail:

"Hi Roman
i was just wondering about these new citadel paints. Especially the Layering ones and so I thought you could give me an advice. I paint mostly with old Citadel paints and some Vallejo but the Layering range is what troubles me a bit. I've watched several video reviews on them and frankly everybody seems to have different experience. From one of the videos it appears that the Layering range is too thin to make a solid basecoat in one go and another one says that they doesnt¨have to be thinned to make an opaque coverage. Where is the truth? Are they pre-thinned to some sort of ration? I haven't tried them yet and your opinion would help me to decide if I should spend my money or not.
Thank You
My answer: 
Hah! Damn, I got the same problem here, still painting with a lot of old ones of Citadel and many Model Colours. I have around 4 layering colours of the new range and did not face any problems so far. If you have the feeling they are too thin here is a little trick for you. Just put some on your thumb and let it dry for half a minute, then you can work with a thicker colour. As I am not really used to the new range I can not really help you there. My recommandation is: Try and error and make your own experience grow. Don't buy too much as you are not sure on how to work with them, get 3~4, so did I and I will try and error and decide then.

So far from today's Painting Jam ...
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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