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by Roman aka jar

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Aloa jungle,

again, back from a Painting Class weekend.
We had some great time and there will be a review soon :)

I now want to thank Mike, the organisator of one of the last painting class in Schoeppenstett for his courage and help to translate articles in german language. He did so after the painting class, every day one or even two articles with never ending power. A deep gorilla kong fu bow in your direction, Mike - you really help our german readers to get straight jungle information - many thanks to Robert aka muhani for updating the article section.

Here is a little overview
to the latest translated articles, 
quoting the article section:

The Way of the miniature painter
A guide in theory on how you can increase your skills.

Light and Shadow Theory   
A well illustrated guide by Raffa showing you theory about light and shadow.

Painting Zenithal Lighting    
A guide that shows you how you can bring your miniature into a good light situation.

Colour Theory - Cold/Warm   
A basic approach on cold and warm colours.


The Painter's Travelling Guide   
A guide to show most of the stuff needed to be equipped as a professional when painting.

Room for Freshness   
Cleaning your workbench, talk about brushes, colours, material, spirit etc.

Preparing a white metal miniature   
Article showing you, how to prepare a miniature before painting.

Preparing a plastic miniature    
Guide that shows you through the cleaning process of a plastic GW Marine. 

You can also find the latest article BLACK is the new BLACK by Raffa already translated into german:

Black is the new Black    
Raffa takes a close look on a lot of different blacks.

There is more to come :)
if you like you can check all articles here in the Tutorial Section of MASSIVE VOODOO. Thanks Mike, your help is really appreciated and the jungle sents his gratitude.

You can find little flags of countries behind some of the articles, that shows you in which other languages you can read the specific article. At this point I want to thank those great people who help us with the translation work, you'll find their names in the translated articles - if you miss your language in here and want to help us, please feel free to contact Roman!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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