Good Morning Music

by Roman aka jar

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Today I feel the weight of last days madness :D
My body aches, my stomach is rebelling against too much coffee lately and my eyes are having a hard time remaining open, but somehow I manage to finish the Artist's Workshop yesterday night, very close to the competitions deadline.

The photos of yesterday weren't the best at all and there will be some new ones, even the first ones are fine. This mad project might also get a video stream to show the different ankles better than a photo could do, BUT first I have to catch up with my life again - cleaning the flat, cleaning that madness on my workbench, playing with the kittens, writing too many emails, restoring energy ...

That will be done now and sooner or later the Artist's Workshop drops in- with more words about it, explanations and a review on the projects speed and creation.

You might also recognize a new support banner on the right.
Many thanks to Secret Weapon for supporting the jungle for such a long time. I am sure we see that banner up again. Many thanks to Battlefield-Berlin for supporting this years last month in the Jungle!

Thanks to Weisern and Fabian for sending me some music that makes even the clean up happy:

Keep on Happy Painting!
Best Wishes


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