Painting Jam 23 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa to another Painting Jam, dropped in questions answered, hopefully with good ideas, but for sure with good attitude. Enjoy!


Niels asks ...

"I´ve been a long time follower of your blog, and I was hoping for a bit of help if you have the time :)

I´ve enclosed a picture of a base I´m working on at the moment, and I´m about to do the earth, and I don´t really know how to get a realistic effect of common earth/dirt, and I was hoping you had a few pointers?

The texture I have made with some texture paste is ok I think - not stellar but OK. My real problem is in colours. Whenever I do earth it just ends up a bit monochrome and boring, and on this base there is a lot of earth, so it´s gonna be really obvious how boring.

So if you have any pointers, I´m all ears :D

hope to hear from you soon"

The base:

My answer:
Nice base so far :)
Sorry for my late reply. I hope it is ok to put this in the painting jam. Now about Earth. Your earth color looks very grey at the moment. Looks like the whole scene is becoming pretty monochrome so far. If you find your used colors boring mix in some browns, or greenish yellowish tone to your earth colour. Some places where light hits the spot makes the area brighter, less boring. Some spots where shadow appears do the same in the other direction. Work with bright and dark, light and shadow. I am not sure what you are up to with that earth. When I paint real earth on a base I often go with mixing the colors right at the spot for the first sketch - can look like this - you see light and shadow, bright and dark. I have the theory of zenithal lightning in the back of my head:

Painting Zenithal Lighting    
A guide that shows you how you can bring your miniature into a good light situation.

My tip during your painting. Don't think in bottles of color named by companies, for example: "First I have to use Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey and so on. That just keeps you limited in your imagination. Paint what you want to see and put it where you want it. 

Basing with common earth   
Using common earth instead of sand creates a more realistic effect. 

Another hint for some detail work on Earth goes hand in hand with the basing of common earth. While putting on the earth with super glue try to achieve different sized and different detailed parts of the earth - you can paint more detail light and shadow parts later on. 

I hope my answer helped you somehow.


Sebastian asks ...

"I have only two small questions, the Water effects where you take at your Workshop where did you have buy it, my effects sucks.

The next question is about your selfe made rust, how did you make it?"

My answer:
I don't have 2 Component water effect on my classes as there ain't enough time to do this in the Beginners class. The 1 component water effect I show on my classes is from a german big Art Store, called "Boesner", company Lascaux, Impasto Gel 1. Actually I don't find it on their webpage. You might find it for sure in one of their stores. This is how it looks.

Using real rust pigments   
Guide that shows you how you can create your own rust pigments.

I hope my answer helped you somehow.

Michael asks:

"I want to paint a huge army of Space Marines.

I would like to airbrush the basic colour and - provided that it´s technically possible - also the priming.

Although I read the airbrush articels on your blog site I don´t think that I´ll be able to handle an airbrush pistol, yet.

Do you offer a kind of crash course in which I can learn the useage of the pistol and the compressor, the percantage of the GW colours-, water-, paint thinner mixture and things like that?

Thank you very much in advance for your efforts."

My answer:
Handling an airbrush for the basic use of bringing on basic colors is not that bad. Don't fear learning. Try and Error is the key. Sure there are some things you have to check and take care of while airbrushing, like cleaning of your gun for example. For an army you can also work with masking tape.

At the moment there is no class about airbrushing, but really there are a lot of articles out there on the web about airbrushing such simple basic colours. I can only give you very limited information about the classes of 2012. There will be some more classes beside my beginner's class. Some special and unique classes, themed to different topics, a test run on the upcoming advanced class in June which is planned at the moment together with Raffa  and maybe some more of them, also there will be my first run on a private class with personal practice hours in single teaching here at my place.

More information about this soon ;)

Alex ... uhm, has no real question :D
- he comes up with a friendly product advice that really caught my eye ...

"Firstly, thank you very much for your helpful tutorials. I have improved as a painter so much since I discovered MassiveVoodoo!

I know your style is very much realistic and there is a lot of weathering, which is why I suggest you take a look at this product:

It makes real rust on your models.

I am in no way connected with this company, I am merely bringing a good resource so your attention. I own it and I think it is great and may be of interest to many others!

Glückliche Malerei! (is this right? who knows, I am Irish!) :)"

My answer:
Thanks and happy painting (Glückliche Malerei!! !! :D)


That's it - hope my brain farts could help you somehow :)


Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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