Merry Christmas!

by Roman aka jar

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Merry Christmas?
This telling can have a spiderweb of meanings when you say it to someone - what is sure is that the MV jungle wishes all our readers, friends, family, companions, brothers and sisters some quiet days together with the ones you love and who love you. We hope you enjoy some of the most beautiful days in the year together with your family.

Kong Fu
In Germany there is a big electronic company who did and still does a very terrible advertisment all over the places. It says:  

"Christmas will be decided below the Christmas tree!" ...

All I can answer from my 
personal view and oppinion is: 

Fuck you!
Christmas means so much more -
don't you kill the mood of these days with such brain yoghurt :)

Have some nice days all together and feel you hugged by the jungle gang!
Merry Christmas!
Your MV-Team


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