Work in Progress - the relaxation II

by Roman aka jar

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... is not that powerful these days :D

I already have finished one of four Christmas gift figures.
Three are still Work in Progress - in different stages of the WIP Path - and time seems running fast - I guess there won't be any photos of those at all in fast running out 2011.

I am little bit distraced by two Kittens making nonsense in my "studio", me always taking care trying to teach them what is allowed and what is forbidden and I remember being at the post office today, wasn't really aware that I was buzzing the Skyrim music while standing in the waiting line - that is pretty ridicilous I guess - so I am up for some musical change :)

Now serious - here is some good Hip Hop instead of all that Viking Bands.

Check the article section for some more german translations as unstoppable Mike starts now with the painting section and Robert does a marvellous job bringing all home again - big thanks to you both ...

Painting is the most important thing, maybe or maybe not - who knows, but for sure it is something beautiful and it is all about the fun you will enjoy while swinging your brush. It is not important on how much time you spent, it is not important how great your blendings become, it is not important if there is athmosphere or not, it is not important if you are working totally crazy with colours or if you working like a mathematic genius when it comes to paint - IMPORTANT is that you do it from the heart, straight Happy Painting, the rest grows simply out of your joy.

Using your hands as tools while painting   
Peter explains some explorations about why hands are as important as a brush during painting.

Priming Thoughts   
A view on the jungles priming methods.

What colours to use?   
A small intrdoduction on the colours Roman uses.

Wet Palette   
Keep your colours wet for a longer period of time by using a wet palette.

Black is the new Black    
Raffa takes a close look on a lot of different blacks.

Starting thoughts while painting   
A view into Roman's brain during the starting process of painting.

I am really looking forward to tonight as we are doing a little painting night at  Raffa's with a friend from Munich. There is a big article from my side in preparation too - with a little preview shot. Also I heard rumors about a big painting class review dropping in - so fasten your seatbelts again :)

Bye, bye and keep on happy painting!


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