Forged Hope Aftermath

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Robot Forgers,

today we shipped the last parcel of Forged Hope Prizes. The one to Matt Di Pietro. He had to wait a little longer due we had to exchange his prize model with our friend, Igazzu of the Cursed Monkeys at Scale Model Challenge.

Now let's do a little aftermath review on the finds we did surrounding this contest, shall we?

- You all might have seen the guest author article on MV by Matt Di Pietro himself talking about the progress on Arthur: Link!

- The Pumpkin Painters from Austria have a new blog and did start with a big step by step on the O2 Operation Unit by Oliver aka Colouristo: Link!

- Klaus wrote up a beautiful step by step of his project "Forged Hope" via (T)raumschmiede: Link!

- Serafin from Happy Painting - Der Hobbyblog shows some excellent articles about her "Farmbot". First one is about details on that base and second one is about how to create salad!

Very cool!


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