Shadowblade Reyviande finished

by Robert aka muhani

posted by Robert, Muhani, chimp

Unbelievable! After a long time no see, I’ve finished a miniature.
While other projects are having a break, I grabed my miniature box and picked out „Shadowblade Reyviande“, a lovely miniature sculpted by Tre from RedBoxGames. NICE!

Turning the miniature between my fingers, I had the idea of letting him creep out of a dark narrow street and the vision of painting a quick miniature for in between was gone. I needed something that was looking like a dark narrow street – I had none – so I started some scratchbuilding-fun.
At first a sketch of the ground and positioning of the walls. I wanted the walls to take as less place as possible, as I still wanted Mr. Reyviande to be seen.

I took a wooden base to glue on the four sides of the … base. Superglue.

The following pictures do not need much explanation. Just more plastic-card for the first wall. A window.

Sheets of plastic-card, that I fixed on the edges of the base, were used, while filling the empty areas of the wall with milliput in order to get a plain finish.

The first wall with a window, some wood and cornerstones. Later on I added some scratches and edges to the cornerstones of the house using a drill bit .. to get a more “natural” look. Would I’ve been asked, whether it was a good decision using plastic-card and milliput, I had to say no. Reading Raffas article about making a desert base gives you a better idea about achieving this kind of .. structure … using gypsum. I had no gypsum in the house – and I had to do it “now”. ;-) Impatience is visible.
No window for the other side. But a little hook for a clothesline.

For the cobble stone pavement I used the texture of a piece of ray leather. I smeared some casting-paste onto the leather, let it dry and got a stamp of ray-skin, which perfectly fits for cobble stone floors in this scale. :-)

Roof. Yeah, sometimes I start things without thinking at first. That’s why there was no roof at this stage. I simply didn’t think about it – or thought that it wouldn’t be necessary. But as our great gorilla buddy always says: “nothing happens without a reason”. The left wall was now hollow inside, there was no roof yet, so why not drilling a hole into the wooden base and installing a LED inside for creating the illusion, that the upper room was enlightened by a candle or something … well no thinking, just doing.

Then I attached the roof, made some shingles, a sign, and other little details and started painting! … painting, painting, painting … and now finished.

Well, this should have been something quick for in between. But it seems, I’m not able to finish something quick, or don’t want to put it away until it nearly looks like I wanted it to look like … or maybe just fell in love with this little mini. I don’t know :-P



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