Painting Jam 08 - Mxed FAQ

by Roman aka jar

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Before i'll come to rest in unexplainable blogging mania i will answer the last questions recieved in this Painting Jam... hoop hoop hooray, here we go:

Wayne asks via Email:

"I've noticed your painted miniatures always have a fantastic, flat, matt finish without any noticeable shine at all. How do you achieve this? Do you use a particular sealant/ varnish, is i the way you weather your miniatures or something you do during the painting process?"

Kong answers:
You are asking me things... oh dear! Uhm, i don't use varnishs at all, except for places where i want to make a special material to be intensed, like leather and gems (glazes of Gloss Varnish) or sometimes bigger skin areas on light areas with glazes of Satin Varnish). If an area looks too shiny you can use matt varnish to negate that. I have no special work order place where these things happen, mostly to the end, when i'll finish up area by area. Working with less inks and more glazing of casual colours can make your areas matt too. Hope that helps?


Xanteri wrote a great email... I do not find lots of words about it as it strikes me speechless. He tells me how my blabla in here switched the button in his head and he is now out for seeking the great quest of Happy Painting! Thanks a lot for your words - sometimes there are those moments where such emails really make me feel like a gorilla on a mission spreading the word of Happy Painting... uhm, yes... music maybe?


Daniele ask via Email:

"ciao ! complimenti per il tuo blog! sono un neofitissimo di roma! posso farti qualche domanduccia per iniziare?"

Kong answers:
I've tried to use the google translator, but it seems it works even worse in translating Italian/German... As i really am an admire of the italian language and love every sound it makes when i loudly read it in front of me for several times to get the meaning my skills are still very, very poor... I also wrote an email back to ask for the option of the same mail in english but never did an answer - i know i could ask some people via email for translation but i thought maybe they are reading in here today too and might quickly help me with a translation of this mail via comment. I am already in the pumping rhythmus of typing work... help? Anybody? Please :)


Dustin asks via mail:

"How do you paint texturizing on your materials? On your latest models it can be seen very often? Would be very intrested to get to know how you work on it?"

Kong answers:
When i want to paint texturizing on clothes i use some kind of the same technique described here for the leather article while working on the used look. I use a fine brush with a good tip and paint thin lines in a little brighter tone than the main colour on the cloth. One direction, really painting, good old fast brushwork, tchacharamm... I will plan a tutorial on this topic - i see it seems not easy for me to describe this at the moment, damn we need to make some painting videos i guess... ahh!

Dustin also asks in this mail:

Do you use some kind of "drying delayer" in your colours while working in your "basic mode"?

Kong answers:
No, never used... i would have said this in my articles if i would have done so :)


Florian asks via email:

"Can we hope to see you and the other apes in French GD 2011?"
Kong answers:
I have no idea what the new year will bring - surprisé, surprisé! Serious i got no idea, i planned World Expo and Duke of Bavaria to be visited but i still have no idea how these 2 will work out... maye yes, maybe no!


Hon asks via Email:

"I would like to ask what color did you put in the black? is it some blue inside the black?
And if I wish to use some sort of blue color for my highlight of the black, will that be suitable?"
Kong answers:
I would say i had a tip of regal blue in my basic black. Went for the highlights with a tip of ice blue but soon switched by mixing in Codex grey, followed to a bit of white to final white on some spots... hope that helps?

Additional: When highlighting your black a bright blue in the mix is great for the first highlights (you can use all other colours there too, like green, red, etc. - whatever you want your black look like), important is that you fast switch to bring in some grey to not make the black armour looking blue, got me? I am not sure if i understand myself but this really did sound like a precious answer to me :)


Markus asks via private message about the colours on this Space Wolf Terminator, guess for the armour parts...

Kong answers:
Aye, that is one fella of mine... ough! I would say mostly greyish tones, darkened with a drop of black in the shadows and highlighted with a tip of Bleached Bone to white in the lights... The rusty effect was done by glazing Vermin Brown. Nothing more done. But you could use a tiny drop of every colour you'd like into your grey, but make sure to switch right back to your normal painting order to let the grey still look grey - same like described at the black above.


Scoobbbyy, doobbyyyy, ddoowwwooppp! Kong over and out!
Keep on happy painting!Regards

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