Finished Miniatures, better photos...

by Roman aka jar

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I've tried to make some photos of my latest miniatures and some explanation words to the different projects.

Mortheim High Elf Mage, Games Workshop, 28 mm, Conversion "Jedi"
Planned and started at the latest painting class in Wuppertal, now finished, somehow i've tried to test something new, no idea what to make OSL in a different way - it somehow feels failed... whatever, finished, you can call him "High Elf mage dressed as Sith on Halloween" or whatever you like, haha:

Cancer bust by Yedharo, 1:8
One Night project just for the fun of colours... about 7 hours of painting and finished.

Also a quick painted miniature - i guess for gaming options, a Space Hulk Seargeant, 28 mm, Games Workshop on desert gaming base, stranded on a dusty planet, advancing the dunes alone the space hulk crashed into the planet, he and one genestealer patriarch are the only ones who survived, but there is a more dangerous horror hidden in the sand below, muahahaaha...

The last one was a pure brainstorm and letting out some emotions i feel by reading a book about the happenings in Stalingrad back in WWII... just something to let these unbelievable things i've read out of my head before i'll explode in fearful pain... uhm, yeah and before dark greenblue teddybears rain from the sky, bear tears... i really should read a funny book in the future, all this very intresting history stuff makes my heart sometimes heavy...  Steel Legion, Games Workshop, 28 mm, Teddy sculpted:

 I really had my fun on these last pieces, even there are still some areas where i could have worked for hours. These days it is about feelings out of kong's chest, not the neverending search of a perfection that does not exist... blloooobbb!! Hope you like them...

Keep on happy painting!


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