Tutorial - How to sculpt a little Teddybear

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, jarhead, kong

This article might explain to you how to sculpt a little Teddybear. I have used some Magic Sculp and a Toothpick for it. I made little rolls put them at place on a piece of wood, rest myself to a cup of coffee at the balcony and tried to sketch a Teddybear... first i trained moves while doing the mouse. There is not much about it, simply bravery and a good will and anyone can sculpt a teddybear that will lay in deep mud (check the photos)... next time i try it even smaller, nothing special - so nothing special to tell - simply go for it! Experience is like a tree... first there is the Seed :)

Sorry for such a short article with so less explanation, you always got to see what purposes your sculpt experiment will be used for afterwards and there is nothing more to explain on how to do a little teddybear which is drowning in the mud... if you want one yourself, just get it done with some tries and errors... i love teddybears...

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